Yes PYL vs. Jones Flagship – Which Should You Ride?

Last Updated on December 26th, 2022

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YES PYL Snowboard

YES PYL Snowboard


Jones Flagship Snowboard

Jones Flagship Snowboard

These snowboards value speed in their design, which is evident. Both key features are fast riding on the PYL and the Flagship. They are similar in many ways, and the point is also comparable.


Which One has Better Features

The PYL is a board that is geared toward steep downhill terrain. It has some float, and it does well turning in any terrain. It performs well as a day all-mountain board and is competent in powder, groomed snow, and a variety of conditions.

The PYL stands for Pick Your Line and is a tapered directional style. The Jones Flagship was manufactured to be able to take on high speeds. Its shape allows it to plow through fresh powder and maintain stability on uneven terrain.

Although it is listed as an aggressive board, it has forgiving qualities that won’t let your edge catch as easily as some of the stiffer snowboards on the market. It is easy to skid a turn if faced with steep terrains.

It has a smooth and comfortable ride. Both boards will perform well for intermediate snowboarders, maintaining stability on the bumpy terrain and holding a sharp edge.

Man wearing blue goggles snowboarding - Yes PYL vs. Jones Flagship – Which Should You Ride?

Which One Has More Quality?

Yes is a newer brand that has quickly risen in popularity due to its high quality and comparable features to some of the tried and true snowboarding brands. On the flip side, Jones has been around longer and is tried and true in terms of quality.

They are very comparable in quality and utility. The Flagship has just the slightest edge in terms of stability and versatility on the mountain. It is a sturdier, tried-and-true board that has only been improving over the years.


Pros & Cons: Yes, PYL vs. Jones Flagship




  • Lightweight poplar core for float
  • Stability and strength
  • Versatile riding style




  • A large board that can be slow in turning
  • Not well suited for park riding


Jones Flagship



  • 3D contour base for glide
  • Responsive control
  • Strong edges




  • Not good for sharp turns
  • Doesn’t perform in glades


Price Range: Yes, PYL vs. Jones Flagship

While these boards are very similar in many ways, they have slightly different price points. The Yes PYL is $599.95 on the official website. It is the more affordable of the two. The Jones Flagship is priced at $699.95, one hundred dollars more.

There are some minor stylistic and constructive differences between the two, but nothing major. Both boards are primarily sold on their official websites but can be found on other snowboarding outfitters and shops.

Final Verdict: Yes, PYL vs. Jones Flagship

This is a hard one! Both boards boast excellent quality. Not only do they have similar styles and functions, but they are also extremely versatile. Both the Yes PYL and the Jones Flagship are boards that can easily be ridden in any condition.

Unlike many other larger boards like these two, the PYL and the Flagship handle well in ice as well as powder. They both do well cruising on groomers and through the woods in the glades.

The main identifiable piece that sets these boards apart is their price. Do you want to pay an extra $100 for the Jones Flagship? It is a more well-known brand, tried and true. Yes is a newer yet still very comparable brand, at a lower price.

Final verdict: Both boards will go above and beyond for an all-mountain cruiser who loves to go fast and rides in all conditions. Do you like the directional rocker profile style of the Flagship or the directional camber rocker of the PYL?

The small details will help you make your decision but have no fear that either snowboard will be excellent for your shredding needs.

YES PYL Snowboard

YES PYL Snowboard


Jones Flagship Snowboard

Jones Flagship Snowboard