Why Snowblazing?

Snowblazing started as a passion project by snowboarders who love spending time on the mountain. We want to share our passion with other boarders looking to improve their skills & find out about the latest gear.


What is a Snowblazer?

A snowblazer is any shredder who would rather be on the slopes than do anything else. Maybe you only get that one weekend trip per year, or perhaps you sold everything and moved to the mountains. Either way, snowblazers always cut a pathway to this lifestyle. And when you meet another snowblazer, there's a sense, and you just know.


Enjoy our Blog

We hope that this blog helps you to step up your game. Whether you've not even made it onto the bunnies yet or are riding backcountry, we have something for you. If you have any requests, then send us a message on our contact form.

Happy Shredding!

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