Yes Hello Board

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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You’re probably well acquainted with the usual cringe snowboard names. Dream Run, RadRide 2000, Powder Slice Pro, and any other snowboard-related cliche the branding department could create. But this simple ‘Hello’ board is taking a new angle.

The Yes Hello board’s new approach is bringing it back to basics. No jargon, just approachability. It makes sense, really, as the board is made to suit beginner and intermediate riders.

A customer base that might not know where to begin when choosing their first board and would prefer a simple, honest board that does what it says on the tin.

Okay, we like the branding, but is the board right for you? Keep reading, and hopefully, you’ll have an answer to that pretty soon.

Woman in yellow jacket on a snowboard - Yes Hello Board

Is Yes Hello Board Made for Women Only?

I’m sure anyone skilled enough could get a good ride out of any board. But, if you’re trying to get a board that really fits you and your riding style, you might want to consider the way the Yes Hello was built and who for.

The Yes Hello board was made with women in mind. The board accommodates a woman’s slightly smaller boot size, and as such, it is less wide than most standard snowboards designed for men.

Additionally, as with most boards made for women, the Yes Hello is on the flexible end of the spectrum. Generally, female riders are lighter than guys, so they need a more responsive, flexible board.

All of that being said, if you’re a petite guy with small feet, this board may work well for you! You can further check out the sizing chart in this article to see if the board could fit your measurements.


Where Can You Buy this Board?

If you’re looking to check out the board in person, you can head over to the ‘yesnowboard’ website and find stores near you.

This is preferable as you can feel the board with your own hands (and feet!) If you have already purchased some boots or bindings, it’s definitely better to try on your setup before purchasing to make sure all of the elements fit together.

However, if you can’t get to a store, Yes deliver, as well as various other stockists. Some websites have decent sales if you’re looking to bag a bargain. Here are a few sites that stock the Yes Hello board:


  • Yes
  • Evo
  • SnowCountry
  • Super-Shop


The Yes website has the best chance of stocking all of the sizes, whereas the other sites can often just sell one or two sizes. However, Yes is much less likely to discount their products on their website.


Does Yes Hello have Good Quality?

For its price bracket, the Yes Hello board certainly delivers. Its construction is traditional, made of high-quality poplar wood, wrapped up in equally high-quality bi-ax glass fiber.

Yes, they are foregoing eye-catching, headline-grabbing features in exchange for simple, high-quality construction.

Additionally, the Yes Hello board shares much in common with the award-winning Yes, Hel board. To make the board more accessible to all ability levels, the board’s specifications have been simplified. This is reflected in the reduced price.

The board has received positive reviews since its release, performing well on a variety of terrains and in challenging weather conditions.

As a result, the Yes Hello board seems like a safe bet for beginner and intermediate riders who need a board that performs all over the resort.


How Should You Choose the Size of Your Yes Hello Board?

These are the best and simplest methods for determining the right length of the board:


  1. Stand the board upright, holding it straight next to you. The board is the right length when it reaches between your chin and the bottom of your nose.
  2. If you do not have the board to hand, grab a tape measure and measure out one of the board length options. Hook the bottom of the tape measure under your foot and compare the length against you again. It might be the right length for you if it sits between your chin and nose.


If your feet and weight are pretty average for your height, this simple method will likely result in you getting the right board. But there are some other sizing elements you need to consider:


  • Foot/boot size. If you have slightly larger or smaller than average feet, reference the board specification chart to check the width of the board. Ensure there is ample space for your boot, and consider up or downsizing where appropriate.
  • Weight. There are rough weight brackets you can reference for each board length.


You’re making a huge purchase, so don’t be afraid to contact Yes customer services to get some advice. You can give them your measurements and get their recommendations.


What Are the Bad Sides of Yes Hello Board?

We are pretty impressed with the Yes Hello board, but there are definitely some elements where it is lacking:


  • Its performance in deep, fresh powder. Due to its softer flex, it’s not as easy to control when gliding over powder.
  • Speed. The board’s design is quite simple and, as such, doesn’t excel at any one element. It’s a good all-rounder, but it doesn’t allow for the fastest ride compared to other Yes boards.
  • Carving. You can do it with this board, but it’s not as easy or graceful.


The board is versatile, but if you’re serious about high-level performance in specific styles and terrains, you’re better off splashing the cash and buying a couple of different boards instead of the one-size-fits-all like the Yes Hello.

Final Thoughts on Yes Hello Board

The Yes Hello board is a great choice for a beginner or intermediate rider who wants to hit up the slopes with some dependable equipment and have a sick day out regardless of conditions.

It’s a good balance between price and performance without compromising on the quality of the material. There are a bunch of deals out there on this board at the moment, so you can grab a reliable board for a bargain.