Wylie Snowboard Jacket

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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This jacket has all the bells and whistles that any snowboarder could ever want! Some days on the slopes are too cold, and some make you feel like you don’t need a jacket at all!

Protection from the elements is crucial for comfort, but you need to cool down on other days. The Wylie snowboard jacket has vents right where you need them- under the arms!

But for those colder days, it features a weather-guard hood that protects your face and head from those freezing temperatures and conditions.

Man in grey jacker wearing snowboarding goggles - Wylie Snowboard Jacket

Does a Wylie Snowboard Jacket Have Good Quality?

Dope Snow thought of everything when designing this jacket. It includes luxury features like:


  • Front koala pocket- for easy access to phones, wallets, or a lift snack! It even has the ever-important detail of an internal headband cord slot.
  • The lift pass pocket is located on the sleeve’s backside for easy scanning.
  • Elastic cuffs- keep the warmth in and the snow out!
  • DryTech- Dope Snow’s signature waterproofing technology.
  • Softshell stretch- the perfect balance of breathability and comfort that allows you to move freely.


Is the Wylie Snowboarding Jacket Waterproof? 

Essentially a snowboarding hoodie, the Wylie snowboarding jacket perfectly combines style and performance. It is the freshest up-and-coming style with a bit of the 90s hidden in the design.

Its lightweight softshell specifications allow you to move freely while still staying warm and dry, thanks to its revolutionary DryTech waterproofing technology.

Many pockets cover the jacket, allowing you to bring everything you need for a day on the mountain, and keep it safe and protected.

Internally, the Wylie jacket is insulated with cozy fleece, making it feel like you’re wearing a cozy hoodie while also protecting you from the elements. Best of both worlds!


What is a Wylie Snowboarding Jacket Made Of?

DopeSnow’s hydrophilic membrane technology is the outer, waterproof layer that makes up the Wylie snowboard jacket. It allows the jacket to be breathable and feel almost ventilated.

The goal is to avoid stuffiness that can be a problem with other brands’ snowboard jackets. However, the outer protective layer is just the start.

The inside insulated layers that make up the Wylie snowboarding jacket are made out of cozy fleece that keeps you warm and dry on the slopes. This killer combination makes for the perfect blend of comfort and practicality.


How Much Do Wylie Snowboard Jackets Cost?

This snowboard jacket goes for $141.48 on online websites, but it’s very likely you can find cheaper or used versions of it online or in some second-hand stores since this jacket absolutely provides you with quality but aesthetics as well.

Don’t give up style for functionality! The Wylie Snowboard Jacket exceeds expectations in both categories.

Where Can You Buy a Wylie Snowboard Jacket?

Currently, this jacket is available online. Unfortunately, this jacket has a habit of selling out quickly, so get it while you still can!

You don’t need a whole wardrobe of coats and jackets for the slopes if you have the Wylie snowboard jacket. And, of course, every snowboarder knows the importance of fresh slopestyle.

Final Thoughts on Wylie Snowboard Jacket

This lightweight, all-purpose jacket performs excellently on the slopes and provides comfort for a variety of weather conditions to keep you warm or cool regardless of what you need on the mountain that day!

Even if you’re faking it til you make it, you will have the confidence to perform to the best of your ability, knowing you look awesome in this jacket.