What to Look for in Snowboard Binding?

Last Updated on May 25th, 2023

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Everybody wants to get out of the powder and have some fun, but before you do that, you have to set your board up properly. One of the most important aspects that are often overlooked when it comes to this process is snowboard bindings.

Having the right pair of bindings can help you have better control and enjoy your ride much more. So what do you look for in snowboard binding?

Typically when choosing your snowboard binding, you’re going to look at sizing, type, writing style, and compatibility with the mounting system itself.

This all seems very simple, but there are some key factors that you have to understand when doing each of these steps that will ensure that you choose the right snowboard binding for you. So keep reading, and let us help you in this decision-making process.


How Can You Know What Kind of Bindings to Get?

Several factors go into making snowboards ready to ride. The very first and most important thing is to ensure that you’re getting the right size of bindings.

To do this, you must consider not only the size of your boot but the board itself. Along with this, you also need to:


  • The type. There are three main types of bindings to choose from. You have the strap-in, rear entry, and step-on.


Each of these is good for different types of writing. For instance, speed entry or rear entry bindings are perfect for beginners or backcountry boarding.


  • The last thing to look at is the compatibility of the binding to the mounting system. There are three main types of mounting systems: the four-hole system, the three-hole system, and the channel system.


How Important are Good Bindings On Snowboards?

The snowboard bindings may seem like a little teeny thing, but in truth, they are very important. Not only do the bindings connect you to the board and secure you to the board, but they help you maneuver the board as well.

They are designed to help transfer energy and respond to your body’s movements and, if not installed properly, can lead to severe damage. That means the better quality of snowboard bindings you have, the safer you are, and the better performance you will have.


Do You Want Stiff or Soft Bindings?

When you’re talking about stiff or soft bindings, you’re talking about the bit. This is one of the most important things to think about when choosing your bindings because it has a direct link to how controllable the board is.

When looking at this, it is typically looked at in three different categories- soft, stiff, and medium. The stiffness refers to how stiff the high back of the binding is. This is part of the binding that supports the calf of the rider.

Choosing a soft, medium, or stiff binding depends on your riding style and experience. Beginners, intermediate riders, or riders that like freestyle riding should go with a soft binding.

On the other hand, if you’re more aggressive, substantive, like free riding or powder riding, you need more responsiveness, which may mean you want to go with a stiff binding.

The medium tower binding is good if you’re not sure which style you want or if you are an all-mountain or an advanced rider.


Which Bindings are Better for Amateurs?

Choosing the right bindings can be super important if you’re a beginner. The bindings you choose should help with your learning capability and make your ride comfortable. This means that you want a soft medium flex.

Regarding comparability, you want to look for one with limited access to your pressure points and comes with a soft, cushioned, or canted footbed. This will improve overall comfort and make your ride much more enjoyable.

Along with this, an amateur should look at the following:


  • Entry and Exit
  • Easy adjustability
  • Good boot support
  • Excellent shock absorption


Which Bindings Do Pros Use?

If you are wondering what the pros utilize when it comes to finding, that depends on the writer. Most professionals look to find the binding that matches their writing style. So let’s look at each of those individually.


  • Freeride – These types of borders want more speed and less flex. That means that they tend to go for a more stiff binding.
  • Freestyle – Freestyle without the writers look for ease in maneuverability, and that equates to a softer flex binding.
  • All Mountain – All mountain pros want something that gives them both maneuverability and speed. This means that they tend to ride in the center and choose a snowboard binding that gives medium flex.


Final Thoughts on What to Look for in Snowboard Binding

Snowboard bindings are one of the most important parts of your board setup. They affect not only comfort but your maneuverability and speed.

So ensuring that you choose the right bindings for not only your writing style but your board can have a huge impact on your overall enjoyment of your ride as well as your performance.