What Size Warpig Should I Get?

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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When you’re out looking for the right snowboard, you will be inundated with many different choices. Maybe one of the best things to spend a lot of time out on the slopes but like a shorter board is the war pig. 

But there are several different sizes, and choosing the right one is key to ensuring you have the best experience.

 To find the right size, you need to pay attention to two different measurements. First, you must pay attention to your waist measurements and weight. 

Each size is designed specifically for particular metrics, and choosing the wrong one could lead to some issues with control. So in this quick article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about choosing the right size Warpig for you.

Person snowboarding wearing brown jacket and orange pants with a backpack - What Size Warpig Should I Get?

What Measurements Do You Need to Use?

When it comes to choosing the size of the Warpig that you invest your money in, you have to have two basic measurements. The first is your waist width. It’s best to do this in millimeters, as the sizing chart utilized by the company itself is designed with this metric in mind.

The second measurement you have to have is your overall weight. This is ideally in pounds, but of course, if you are someone who uses metrics, you can always convert them into kilograms. 

So having these two measurements is all you need to utilize the chart when it comes to whether to choose you to know one of the five different sizes.


How Many Warpig Sizes are There?

As we said above, the Warpig comes in five different sizes. This ranges from XS142 to XL150. Following the measurements of the rider itself. Each of the boards, though, is designed with a shorter length and crafted for a powder freestyle.

Along with this, each board is designed with a flat-to-rocker camber and a centered stance setback. 

It is great for medium to firm snow and works pretty well on hard snow as well because it has a stable feel and a medium-level turn initiation. The overall board offers medium flexibility, and because of that, it is a very popular option.


How to Pick the Perfect Size?

To ensure that you have the perfect size for you given by the company. Each of the different sizes in regards to their length is designed specifically for certain metrics. 

Therefore, choosing the size that correlates with your particular waist width and weight will ensure that you are finding the perfect size of Warpig. Here’s the breakdown of the sizes:


  • XS142 – 250mm(waist), 60 – 130 lbs
  • S148– 260mm(waist), 100– 175lbs
  • M151– 265mm(waist), 130 – 190lbs
  • L154– 270mm(waist), 140 – 200lbs
  • XL158– 275mm(waist), 170 – 220+lbs


Things You Need to Know Before You Buy It

The biggest thing to understand when you’re looking for a snowboard is to pay attention to your style. 

This snowboard is created for freestylers who are looking to hone their skills while spending a ton of time in the parks. They are smaller than all-mountain boards, which gives them easy maneuverability.

Other than that, make sure that you also pay attention to the size and others. It’s like the rocker style and the flex. All of these factors will contribute to you finding the right board for you not only in size but in performance too.


What Happens if You Buy the Wrong Size?

So what happens if you buy the wrong size board? The wrong size board can be very uncomfortable and end but affect your overall performance. 

For those getting the wrong size board, it will be disproportionate to their size, and that could lead to reduced maneuverability and control. If the board is too long, it’s gonna be too hard to maneuver, and if it’s too short, it’s gonna be unstable as you get into the higher speeds. 

Not only will this affect your overall performance, but it’s gonna keep you from improving as a writer. So it’s vitally important that you make sure you get the right size Warpig so that you can continue to elevate your abilities. 

Final Thoughts on What Size Warpig Should I Get

To find the right size Warpig for you and your writing needs, you must ensure that you have your waist width and weight available. 

Then you’re going to choose the board according to that. There are five different sizes, so you should be able to head out to the park in confidence.