What Size Orca Does Travis Rice Ride?

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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Travis Rice is one of the world’s foremost leaders in the Snowboarding industry. This extreme athlete has asserted himself as one of the best via X-games and the Olympic competition.

He is also well known for being an accomplished big-wave surfer. As for the size of his Orca, Travis Rice prefers to ride on a ten-foot six-inch surfboard for riding the choice waves.

As for when he is carving the mountain slopes, Travis Rice prefers to have a snowboard in the range of around one hundred and fifty centimeters and one hundred and sixty-four centimeters.

Man in black jacket and orange pants snowboarding - What Size Orca Does Travis Rice Ride?

Does He Always Ride the Same Model?

When Travis Rice prepares for a competition, he considers the terrain and the activity he is currently participating in.

For example, carving through powered slopes will be more pleasant with a wider setting and, when competing, a board designed for speed and for taking sharp turns at those high speeds.

The quick answer would be that he does not; he will use multiple boards throughout a competition. He does, however, stay true to the Orca brand, using hybrid Lib Tech boards like Rice’s big-mountain destroyer, the Goldmember, and the Golden Orca.


What Dimensions Does he Use?

Understanding how Travis Rice approaches professional competition will take a little understanding of how snowboards work. For example, thinner boards are faster, while the length will vary depending on the specifications needed for racing or trick-riding.

Wider set boards can get on top of the snow, making it easier to enjoy the backcountry and get maximum air off those massive jumps. Below are some of the snowboard specifications Rice has been known to use:


  • 150cm

  • 153 cm

  • 157 cm and 157cm wide with a blunted nose

  • 161.5cm and 161.5cm wide

  • 164 cm and 164cm wide with a point pow nose


Should you Buy it if you are an Amateur?

The Orca brand is one of quality, and the T. Rice Orca is no exception. This board has a long floaty nose, but then the manufacturer combined it with a powerful poppy contact which maximizes the ‘whale tail technology.’

As this is a good option for beginner snowboarders or amateurs, it would be wise to go elsewhere unless you are an amateur looking to take that step to the professional level. This board was designed to push the rider’s limits to get the most out of their ride.


How many Orca sizes are There?

When we stop and look at the brand, Orca can build a board to fit any human body but let us concentrate on the T. Rice Orca, which has sizes that range from one hundred and thirty-eight and one hundred- and sixty-two-centimeter lengths.

Therefore, as you can see, the Orca snowboarding company has a wide variety of sizes to fit the extreme athlete in your home.

After getting the correct length, customization options will give a rider the freedom to design, create, and ride the perfect snowboard. In partnership with Travis Rice, Orca snowboards have created a phenomenal reality for the extreme sporting community.


How Much Does it Cost?

To add some context, there will be variations to the price depending on the customizations or size specifics that come with the T. Rice Orca snowboard.

However, the base price from the lib-tech website is six hundred and ninety-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents for a brand-new board.

As for outside of the base MSRP, the Orca snowboarding brand holds value even as a second-hand item.

Online auction sites and storefronts advertise their T.Rice boards at a price of around five hundred dollars, but then there are boards like the T. Rice Apex Orca released this year which will cost approximately one thousand two hundred dollars.

Final Thoughts on What Size Orca Travis Rice Rides

When it comes to extreme sports, Travis Rice is one of those names that pop up in conversation, and rightfully so.

Throughout his career, Rice has competed at a top level and, through his various accomplishments, has risen to legendary status amongst the Extreme sporting community.

So, when he decided to design and produce snowboards, there was no doubt the rest of the snowboarding world would be watching. As a result, the T. Rice Orca brand of snowboards is one of the top snowboards in the industry.

How the value is maintained on the market attests to the quality that goes into each piece of art produced.