Warpig vs. Superpig – Which Should You Ride?

Last Updated on December 26th, 2022

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Ride Warpig Snowboard

Ride Warpig Snowboard


Ride Superpig Snowboard

Ride Superpig Snowboard

When looking at Ride’s Warpig and Superpig snowboard models, it is more of a style different than anything. However, both boards have similar builds, with their short and wide style that is unique for an all-mountain board.


Which One has Better Features?

The Warpig provides stability and comfort for an advanced intermediate rider and forgives with its tapered edges. Due to its centered stance, you won’t have to worry about rough patches and bumpy terrain on the mountain.

It is considered an all-mountain camber-rocker, which proves to be a versatile build for riding in many different conditions. Alternative free-ride is this board’s official title, which means it is an all-mountain board and performs well on both groomed trails and powder.

The Superpig is similar but is essentially a more aggressive version of the Warpig. It carves harder and, in turn, is harder to control- a more advanced style board.

The main question is this- Do you prefer a versatile board that can shred the entire mountain, or do you have a specific style of snowboarding you want to hone your skills? The features are similar but specified for different styles.

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Which One Has More Quality?

Both snowboards in the review are made from the same brand- Ride. They are similar in quality but provide different technical details for different snowboarding riding styles.

The Warpig is faster and lighter, while the Superpig is more aggressive with the ability to make sharper turns. The Superpig is made for riding park lines, making big jumps, and fast, sharp turns.

The precision in its heel edge is due to its asymmetrical shape. The Warpig, while not as aggressive, is built to be an all-mountain board that is fast, reliable, and can perform in all conditions.

Both boards are wider and shorter than traditionally styled boards, combining sharp edges and great float and stability.

They are comparable in quality, and their main difference is that Ride has designed both of these boards to serve different purposes for different types of snowboarders- so choose accordingly!


Pros & Cons: Warpig vs Superpig




  • Stable balance
  • Playful in carving
  • Strong edge
  • All-mountain board
  • Good grip




  • Too wide for riding bumps
  • Not a specified style
  • Not great for powder





  • Aggressive carving capabilities
  • Alternative freeride style
  • Centered stance
  • Does well on powder




  • It can feel unforgiving for beginners
  • Stiff- not poppy for jumps
  • Not great on speed


Price Range: Warpig vs Superpig

The Warpig and the Superpig are both in the five-hundred dollar range, and if you are choosing between these two boards, don’t make your decision based on the price point but on your snowboarding needs and riding style.

The Warpig is currently priced at $529, and the Superpig is $589. These snowboards made by Ride boast similar styles, similar quality, and similar price points.

The Warpig and the Superpig are very popular models and can be purchased on the official Ride website and various other online outfitters.

Final Verdict: Warpig vs Superpig

The short of it is that the Warpig is the lighter, more surfy version of the Superpig. The Warpig is more forgiving and better for an intermediate rider, with good balancing for in the park or on groomed trails.

They are similarly priced, so the choice becomes whether you want an aggressive board focused on carving or a board that is stable in all conditions, playful on turns, and fun in the park.

The Warpig is more versatile, while the Superpig is made for a snowboarder focusing on a specific skill set.

Ride Warpig Snowboard

Ride Warpig Snowboard


Ride Superpig Snowboard

Ride Superpig Snowboard