Union Strata vs. Contact Pro

Last Updated on March 2nd, 2023

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Union Binding Company is known for providing durable products that withstand the rigors of a professional snowboarding schedule and the one hundred days a season lift operator. As a result, a union is the most trusted binding on the market by snowboarders around the world.

The Union Contact Pro is a 2022 product that has become a secondary market product, which can be found on select online auction sites and store web pages.

The Union Strata is still available on the manufacturer’s website and has quickly become the most popular freestyle binding model offered at Union Binding Company.


Which One Has More Quality?

There would have been a more heated debate last year when the Contact Pro was still being manufactured, but it seems Union Bindings have made a choice for us.

In doing so, the Contact Pro has become old technology that can now be bought secondhand or through certain retail outlets.

The Union Strata Binding is an on-the-rise favorite of the Snowboarding community, and this binding has almost become one of the most popular bindings in one year. To put it in a simple answer, the Strata is the binding made of a higher quality.


Which One is More Popular?

As the Union Strata binding reached the snowboarding market, it quickly became a popular choice amongst riders, and there are few competitor brands that can keep up with the shifting market.

As a result, the Union Contact Pro has been put into a stop-production phase, which speaks volumes about the popularity of the bindings.

Though unpopular, the Union Contact Pro bindings can still be found on the secondhand market, auction sites, and retail stores.

The next best place to look would be at the local ski shop and winter sports stores that will have products from Union Bindings Company and might have a Contact pro stashed away.


Pros & Cons: Union Strata vs. Contact Pro

The biggest issue with the Union Strata would be that it has less adjustability compared to other manufacturers’ bindings, which can be updated yearly.

On the other hand, the pro about the Union Strata binding would be the freestyle-focused performance that comes expected.

The Obvious con with the Union Contact Pro bindings would be the stop production status given by the manufacturer, which might make it difficult to find in the stores.

The pro is that now the binding will be discounted at retail stores and wherever else you can find snowboard equipment and gear.


Price Range: Union Strata vs. Contact Pro

This will surprise some of you, but the Contact pro is still around the two hundred, fifty-to-three-hundred-and-fifty-dollar price range.

This comes from the retailer’s stores and auction sites, but the Union Strata stays consistent when it comes to price by staying right at two hundred fifty dollars.

There will be fluctuation in pricing as the new calendar year comes around the corner, 2023 will be the year where Strata continues for production, but the Contact Pro has reached the end of its run.

So you will have to keep an eye out for discount pricing when the sports store begins to stock the shelves with the newer years’ products.


Final Verdict: Union Strata vs. Contact Pro

There is going to be a time when you can get the Union Strata boot binding because of the pricing fluctuations that the Union Contact Pro will undoubtedly be going through in the finale of 2022 and the beginning of the 2023 year.

At which point in the 2023 year, when the new products begin to take up shelf space and a few pairs of Contact Pro bindings go on sale, is when to strike.

Otherwise, the best policy is to go with the newer technology provided by the Strata unless you have an older set of boots that might be more compatible with a Union Contact Pro binding.