Union Legacy vs. Trilogy Bindings

Last Updated on March 2nd, 2023

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Union Binding Company states the motto ‘Stronger’ stands for the intent of the product and all facets of this company.

This extends to the Union Legacy and Trilogy binding systems, which will appear to be the same on paper, but the differences will make sense once pointed out.

Ever so slight changes to the straps, base plates, and high backs will make the difference in some of the activities on the slopes borders like to take.

This article will explore the different features and adjustments that can be made that make each of these models a good selection for separate reasons.


Which one Has More Quality?

The warranty reads like this, every set of bindings manufactured by Union will have materials made of the highest quality Duraflex Nylon. The result is two models of bindings that will service riders for the different purposes for which they were created.

Some of the over one hundred professional athletes will attest to the quality and performance of Union and debate that Union’s global teams are the best snowboard team in the world.

If there is any question about quality, there is proof of the number of athletes that chose this brand of binding.


Which Model is More Popular?

If you go by the reviews, there is a whopping big popularity difference in favor of the Union Trilogy bindings.

As the year ends, 2022 is set to rest, and most look forward to a fresh 2023 new calendar year. Of course, this could be a different situation a year from now, but the trilogy has better utility out of the box.

Union Legacy bindings are designed to help a rider obtain the smoothest riding performance, while the Union Trilogy bindings are designed for women to tackle the backcountry but also the Olympic-style slopes.

Each is given the highest praise from the snowboarding community.


Pros and Cons: Union Legacy vs. Trilogy Bindings 

The Union Trilogy bindings will start a rider on the path to an all-mountain attitude, and there is going to be an overall rating leaning towards rigid-flex, which makes for a supportive high back.

An issue could be that these bindings are intended for women only, sorry men, but the ladies have the exclusive.

The Union Legacy bindings with thermoformed EVA footbeds and Duraflex ST Nylon, and Fused Vaporlite brand bushings put in synchronicity to create a freestyle experience like no other.

Where the bindings suffer is in the freestyle, though to say this is a con would be to nit-pick this brand of bindings.


Price Range: Union Legacy vs. Trilogy Bindings

Brand new, straight from the Union Bindings Company’s factory floor, the Legacy bindings will cost around two hundred and forty-nine dollars and some change.

The Union Trilogy bindings will total at check out and will run a bit higher at two hundred and seventy-nine dollars and some change.

Out on the secondhand sights, retail outlet stores, and auction sites, their prices will range somewhere in the vicinity of the MSRP and do not waver up or down in price.

The discount will be found in the used sporting goods stores, where a store owner might hook up a customer with a sale price.


Final Verdict: Union Legacy vs. Trilogy Bindings

Both of these snowboarding bindings will be valued in the middle of two hundred, give or take a few dozen dollars. However, they are both quality choices when it comes to the winter sports equipment available on the market.

Remember, though, and the Trilogy bindings are for female riders. Therefore do not purchase these for anyone but those of the finer sex.

To wrap this up, remember to take your time when purchasing an item over two hundred dollars and do the research needed to make a firm decision; the best decisions are made when confidently informed.