Super DOA review

Last Updated on December 26th, 2022

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CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard

CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard


Super Defender of Awesome: an epic name that needs to have epic features. Capita describes this board style as “Resort Utilitarian” for riders who love to hit all aspects of the mountain.


What are the Best Features?

The Super DOA is highly reactive and lightweight, which benefits all types of shredding. The board’s shape combines traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber. Blending these styles gives you the benefits of each while curating a versatile and unique board.

The Super DOA takes the tried and true success of the traditional board and kickstarts it with up-and-coming technology.

Man in yellow jacket with black sleeves snowboarding - Super DOA review

Technological Features


  • Poplar, Paulownia, and Beech for a lightweight build
  • SuperCarbon tape for extra strength
  • Matte lamina top sheet for weight reduction
  • Stainless steel edges and 4×2 inserts
  • Hybrid Camber, Centered Stance


Does it Have Good Quality?

The Super DOA is a top-of-the-line board, both in design and functionality. It is made lightweight to provide a lot of pop and responsiveness but still has the strength to hit big jumps or shred steep terrain.

The nose and tail are flexible and good for butter or in the park. It is good all over the resort and even performs well in deep snow. This board will take your riding to the next level if you let it.

It is an intensely high-quality board with all of the newest technology and is fine-tuned to meet the committed snowboarder’s every need.


Is it Good for Beginners?

This board is not good for lazy riders, weekenders who don’t take the sport seriously, or beginners. The Super DOA is stiff and aggressive. It is extremely responsive and has a ton of pop, which will be hard for beginners to control.

To ride this board, you must have a lot of strength, experience, and control over the board. Although it can perform at an extremely high level, that does not mean that it is easy to ride. It is too technical of a snowboard for anyone who hasn’t honed in their technique.

Beginners should find a board that is more flexible and forgiving. This board is aggressive and well suited for advanced snowboarders.


How Much Does it Weigh?

The Super DOA is an extremely lightweight performance snowboard. Depending on the size of the board, which is offered in sizes ranging from 152-163 cm long.

The weight of the snowboard ranges as well but comes in weighing under 10 lbs. Of course, the board weighs a bit extra with bindings incorporated.


What’s the Price for it?

Capita prides itself on having a top of the line technology for its boards, and this snowboard is a prime example of that. The price for the Super DOA is $749.95.

It is a high-end performance board and is in the higher price range for a snowboard. This is due to the technical aspects and variability this board has to offer the advanced snowboarders.

Final Thoughts on Super DOA Review

This is a dynamic snowboard that packs a huge punch and has the ability to carve, rip, and shred to your heart’s content. The Super DOA has a light and poppy feel that gives the park rider or an all-mountain shredder the excitement to capitalize on these features.

This board’s state-of-the-art technology makes it arguably one of the best all-mountain boards on the market. However, this board’s versatility will not be so welcomed by a beginner.

This board was designed for advanced riders and will be rough for those still perfecting their skills. But if you’re in the market for a high-caliber, lively board that has a lot of power, the Super DOA is the one for you!

CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard

CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard