Step-On Bindings From Burton

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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Ever been on the mountain, the wind is blowing, and you are caught up with the pow-pow of a fresh snowstorm? As you go down to secure your boots, have you noticed that the ratchet strap design can be a pain in the ass?

Apparently, many other snowboarders have thought about that, and Burton Snowboards heard the call.

Without further ado, presenting the Burton Step On snowboard binding line. All one has to do is to place a Burton Step On boot, like the Photon, engage the clips on the back of the boot, and rock forward onto the toes.

Man in green jacket walking on snowy mountain with a snowboard in his hand - Step-On Bindings From Burton

Is This A Popular Choice?

Recently, there have been plenty of situations where snowboarders have decided to switch from the traditional bindings to the easy-click step-on technology seen today. 

Snowboarding has always been a sport that has prided itself on innovation and futuristic technologies, pushing the envelope of everything to do with the sport.

As time goes by, it will be interesting to see how the snowboarding community reacts and how the binding technology evolves. 

But, as many on the outside can see, the extreme sports industry leaders have designed something revolutionary, and those in the industry are responding positively.


How Much Does It Cost?

Usually, a basic set of bindings will run a snowboarder around one hundred to about one hundred and seventy-five. Still, when you look at the price of these Burton Step-on bindings, you see they are far from your average binding. 

The range in which these bindings are sold is between two hundred and ninety-nine dollars. However, depending on the model, some go for nearly five hundred dollars for a set of bindings. 

This reflects how well-made these bindings are; on average, a set of new bindings from Burton with the Step-On technology will hit the wallet at two hundred and seventy dollars (one-year warranty included).


Does It Have Good Features?

There is plenty to be happy about when getting a pair of these bindings; they left many riders pleasantly surprised by how intuitive the systems are. The Burton Step-On technology is easy to clip in with; as simple as a heel—click—toe, and you are locked in.

Other handy features include a lightweight feeling while riding; in other words, the bindings are not clunky or overly heavy. 

Another attractive feature is that the high back flex gives a snowboard rider stability at high speeds but also feels like a rudder to control rates and feel good through the turns.


Does It Have Good Quality?

Yes, these are by far one of the best products on the market, and that privy to the sport’s history know they can rely on Burton for quality binding. 

With the ease of stepping into the bindings, the simple design is enough to consider these worth purchasing when considering a new set of bindings.

From the reviews from experts and professionals alike, there is hardly an issue with the bindings, and many have commented on how much they enjoy the lightweight feeling that comes with the Step-On technology.


Is It Overpriced?

There are always critics who will say or write that something costs too much or that the quality needs to match up. Then, of course, those who make the boards will determine the value of these items.

The truth is that Burton is not the most expensive item on the market right now, making the overpriced argument a little less valid. 

In this writer’s opinion, in which experts agree, these bindings are worth having, not just for the easy clip-on, step-on system but for the feel they provide when gliding down the mountain.  

Final Thoughts On Step-On Bindings From Burton

Jake Burton Carpenter gave Burton snowboarding a challenge in the early 2010s. The team took about five years working with everyone within the industry to launch 2017 the Burton Step-On bindings and boots. 

If you are a serious snowboarder, I mean every weekend in the wintertime, these bindings are easily worth the money and will be what you expect from Burton snowboards. 

The Step-On system is expensive and can be a budget nightmare, yet, if you can get your hands on these bindings and boots, it will be well worth the effort. Again, do independent research when considering a big purchase; there might be a deal on the auction block.