Salomon Holograms

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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Salomon Holograms are one of the most famous bindings on the market at the moment. But, should you buy it and is it a good choice for everyone? In this article, we will show you all the answers to the most important question so you can see in advance if this product is for you.


What is the Price? 

The current season- 2023 Salomon Holograms snowboard bindings are currently on the market for $319.95. This price is pretty much across the board, from the official Salomon online store to other outdoor sports websites and online shops.

However, last season’s style of the Salomon Holograms can be purchased for not much more than $200. But, trust us, you want to keep up with the newest and most recently updated style!

Person in white jacket and black trousers with a snowboard on white snow - Salomon Holograms

How Long Can These Last? 

Salomon has a general rule of thumb for their bindings, and the Holograms are no different. They can last for a minimum of 50 mountain days. Of course, this rough estimate could be doubled or even tripled depending on the extent to which you use these bindings.

A weekend rider could easily make these bindings last for multiple snowboarding seasons, especially if they are taken care of throughout the season. Extending their life can also be done through the maintenance of gear between seasons.

However, these bindings may only last one season for an everyday rider who snowboards extensively.

That being said, the Salomon Holograms are tried and true bindings that are popular and well known, so through wear and tear, some repairs can easily be made, and their riding life can be extended.


Is it Worth Buying? 

Salomon Holograms are excellent for riders who love to make sharp turns and hit top speeds! They fit comfortably with any style of boots and snowboard and absorb shock to maximize wearability.

Whether you are a park rat who loves hitting ramps, rails, and jumps or a tree line enthusiast, these bindings are extremely responsive to movement on the board.

The construction is sturdy yet comfortable and allows for easy adjustment and maximum ankle support. In addition, Hologram’s medium flex will allow for easy movement while cutting sharp angles or shredding powder: a perfect balance between stiff and flexible.

These features, combined with the fresh style of these bindings, make them an excellent choice. From all angles, these bindings are worth buying.


What Colors Can You Choose? 

The Salomon Hologram snowboard bindings are available for both men and women riders. The style offerings differ slightly between the two. The colors that are offered for the men’s bindings are:


  • White and Black
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Black


The women’s options provide a bit more variety and color choices. They include:


  • Green and Cream
  • White
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Silver
  • White and Black

Where Can You Buy it?

The most secure option for purchasing these bindings is directly through the Salomon website. They provide detailed sizing information so anyone can determine their best size and style options.

On the official website, they are priced at $319.95 USD. However, many other reputable and popular snowboarding websites also sell these bindings, and both women’s and men’s sizing charts are available.

Additionally, there are a variety of outdoor sports outfitters that currently carry the newest version of these bindings, online and in-store.

Since the Salomon Holograms are so popular and highly rated, they are not hard to track down, and you may be able to find cheaper options with faster shipping with a bit of hunting!

Final Thoughts on Salomon Holograms

Salomon has been the no.1 choice for skiing and snowboarding equipment for decades. Although Salomon products are a bit expensive, consider them a long-term investment.

It is always better to pay a higher price for the product than to waste money on something that will not last for a long time.

Especially if you consider the fact that winter sports can give you injuries, it is not worth risking with cheap equipment. The quality and longevity of Salomon products provide a truly inspiring experience.