Rome Warden Snowboard Review

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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This snowboard will be your sidekick all season long and your best daily driver. The Rome Warden snowboard is the ultimate description of “bang for your buck.” You won’t have to sacrifice quality in order to buy this affordable board, making it the best of both worlds.


Does it Have Good Quality?

The solid bamboo support structure allows for stability and increases mountain confidence, paired perfectly with a speedy ride and smooth carving ability. The rocker-camber-rocker style of this board is functional and versatile for all styles and mountain rides.

It is lightweight and allows for huge pop-on jumps. In addition, the maneuverability is excellent on groomed trails as well as bumpy surfaces. Overall, for less than $300, you won’t find a better board at this price point.

Man in grey jacket and orange trousers snowboarding - Rome Warden Snowboard Review

Where Should You Buy it?

This board only has a 2020 version. Rome thought that, with its vast popularity, there were no upgrades to be had. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Unfortunately, the official Rome website and online store only carry the newest 2022 version of their boards and gear.

Since there is no 2022 version, the Rome Warden can be purchased on It is an outdoor outfitter that specializes in winter sports.

Payments are verified, and customer service is excellent, making it a perfect place to buy your first snowboard or replace an old one.


Is it a Good Choice for Amateurs?

This board is the perfect choice for a rider who is a beginner to intermediate, especially. It is an all-purpose/mountain board that was practically made easy to ride and all-around fun.

The ideal recommendation for buying this board is for the amateur who is really getting into snowboarding and wants to buy their first snowboard. This board is a great transition from renting from the board shop at the ski resort to owning your own snowboard.

It does not catch edges. It is fast, responsive, and will have your back on freshly groomed snow and fresh powder alike. Even if you are breaking into the park rat scene, this board holds up well, even on rails, boxes, and jumps.

The Rome Warden is the best potential option for an amateur especially, but any rider will appreciate the versatility and quality this board offers while also not breaking the bank.


What are the Best Features of it?


  • Lightweight, easy carving capabilities
  • A rocker-Camber style for versatility
  • Appealing graphics
  • Responsive steering
  • Smooth ride
  • Good pop for jumps

Final Thoughts on Rome Warden Snowboard Review 

If you are a beginner to the intermediate snowboarder who wants to make the leap and purchase your own board, it is almost like the Rome Warden was made for you!

This board will give you confidence on the mountain and help you fine-tune your skills and increase your riding capabilities. It is stable yet still light and fast.

This board style allows for quick turns without worrying about catching your edge and gives you the chance to test out the whole mountain, whether it be the terrain park, forest trail riding, or freshly groomed tracks.

This board will serve anyone well but is most versatile for amateur riders. The best part is that this board is extremely affordable and will fit any moderate budget while still performing like any high-end board.