Rome Service Dog

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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Rome Snowboards has been on the snowboarding market for over 20 decades now, and the quality of its products is impeccable.

In the following article, we’re doing a review on their Service Dog model, showing you all the things you need to know about it before you decide to buy it.


What is the Longevity of this Product? 

Rome Snowboards offer a two-year warranty on this snowboard, allowing riders to shred to their heart’s content without worry. Of course, the warranty does not speak for this board’s potential to last, however long that may be!

The Rome Service Dog can last for multiple seasons of heavy riding with quality care and regular maintenance.

Luckily, this board is built for deep snow riding, which reduces overall wear and tear that could occur in park riding or for those who like to tear it up in the forest lines.

Man in black jacket wearing blue reflective goggles snowboarding - Rome Service Dog

Who Should Buy it?

The Rome Service Dog snowboard is labeled an intermediate/advanced board. It was made of powder! Deep snow and fresh lines are this board’s specialty.

Due to its shape and construction, new riders may find that this board is not as reactive or predictable on classic bunny hills.

However, if you are comfortable on the slopes and want to progress your snowboarding abilities, this is the perfect upgrade for your snowboarding arsenal!


What Makes it a Good Snowboard?

While this board offers many great features, up at the top of the list is its ability to plow through fresh snow. The Rome Service Dog is a directional camber and features a stable flex rating of 5, making it a moderate flex level and capable of stability.

In addition, it is light enough not to get stuck in the powder and maintain speed on the slopes. Finally, of course, freshly raked tracks will also give you an excellent edge and great carving capabilities!




  • Rocker/Camber style for all-mountain riding
  • Extruded base, Bamboo wood core
  • Diamond 3D- for smooth turning and reduction of edge-catch
  • 20mm Taper- smooth turns and reactive float


What are its Disadvantages of it?

The Rome Service Dog’s lifted sides allow it to glide through deep snow and turn easily, but without those specific conditions, it will not keep up in speed. The style of the board and the construction makes for a less dynamic ride when not used in deeper powder.

Butters and other styles of trick riding will also be more difficult and less responsive due to the build of this board. It also does not handle bumpy terrain as well as deep snow rides.

This board is not made for an aggressive riding style, so snowboarders who lean towards that riding nature should not purchase this board. However, for an all-mountain board, it is stable and can keep up with even the most advanced rider.


Is it Worth Buying?

The Rome Service Dog is the perfect snowboard for intermediate riders looking to improve their riding capabilities and test out fresh powder and new lines. It offers strong edges and a stable base and gives you plenty of maneuverability even in deeper snow.

If you love to fly down black diamonds and glide over deep drifts, this board has everything you are looking for in an advanced intermediate snowboard.

You will not find a more fun board on the market, and the price point of sub $400 USD gives you a great bang for your buck.

Final Thoughts on Rome Service Dog

The new release of this board is coming soon. Make sure to sign up for their release of the new products to stay up to date with the latest gear, since Rome has been proven to be a great snowboarding brand.

The price and quality ratio clearly shows that Rome Service Dog is a snowboard worth getting, and it will make any ride even more enjoyable.

The accuracy, precision, and overall quality of Rome snowboards make buying their snowboards a worthy investment, making every snowboarding a better and even  more enjoyable adventure.