Rip&Dip Snowboard Review

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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Ripndip is mainly a street skateboard brand. They sell attire, including clothing, accessories, hats, and other items. While they do offer one traditional style snowboard, they also make a skateboard/snowboard hybrid.


Does Ripndip Have Good Snowboards?

As far as the quality of their only snowboard offered goes, it is a rocker camber profiled design that is perfect for terrain park riders. The Dargonerm snowboard by RipnDip is made for the skateboarder who wants to hit the slopes during the snowboarding season.

It is a true twin shape that is comfortable to ride regularly as well as the switch for hitting jumps and buttering easily. It’s made out of poplar wood, allowing a super lightweight feel for lots of pop.

The skateboard/snowboard style is called the Dark Twisted Fantasy Snowskate. Made out of Canadian maple, this board also has a laminate base for scratch resistance and speed. Unlike a traditional snowboard, there are no slots for bindings and boots on this board.

It is essentially a skateboard without wheels or trucks! Boarders who prefer the skate park and the terrain park will love RipnDip’s board design, as the style is fine-tuned to their tastes!

Man in blue jacket wearing orange helmet snowboarding - Rip&Dip Snowboard Review

Is This a Popular Brand?

RipnDip is known in the skateboarding world as a classic apparel and merchandise brand. Ranging from graphic sweatshirts and tees to accessories like socks, backpacks, and hats, they outfit all skaters, whether they skate the street or the snow!

It is a very popular brand and features an edgy style that appeals to the overall vibe of the skate culture.


What is the Average Price for Their Snowboards? 

They offer two boards on their official website. The first, the traditional snowboard called the Dargonerm, was originally listed for $350 USD. This price point is already a great deal for a quality board, as some snowboards that are style specific end up costing upwards of $700.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new board, act now! The Dargonerm is currently on sale at half price, and we don’t know how long this deal will last!

The Dark Twisted Fantasy Snowskate is only $105 dollars, which is an extremely economical price for the ability to access a whole new snow playground!


Which Models are the Most Popular?

If you are a traditional snowboarder who loves to hit jumps and hit rails and boxes at the terrain park, you will be very satisfied with the Dragonerm. This is a snowboard that can ride all terrain and shred the entire mountain but is it a specialized design?

Its specialty will be found with park rats who stick to features and jumps. In addition, it can ride switches much more seamlessly than most all-mountain boards.


How to Pick the Best Model for Yourself

If you are a skateboarder who wants to make the transition to outdoor halfpipe and terrain park style, you should definitely consider the Dark Twisted Fantasy Snowskate. It is an ideal board for skateboarders and is a logical next step for hitting the snow park.

RipnDip is not traditionally well known as a snowboarding brand, but that does not mean they do not offer any gear for a snowboarder.

In addition to having a wide variety of snowsuits, jackets, pants, hats, and gloves, they also sell one traditional snowboard and one hybrid snowskate.

Final Thoughts on RipnDip Snowboard Review

These boards are geared towards a skateboard style rider, those who love the terrain park and want to practice their tricks.

On the other hand, if you want a board that is good for backcountry, big mountains, or even a more all-purpose board, RipnDip may not be the brand for you.

However, if you are a hardcore park rat or a skateboarder making the transition to riding the park on snow, these boards will not disappoint!