Putting a GoPro on a Ski Helmet

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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GoPro changed the action sports world with its high-definition small cameras. The most extreme adventurers need the best camera to capture the essence of their exploits, discoveries, and journeys. 

Whether you are big wave surfing or photographing wild animals, your camera has to be as tough as you without getting in the way.

Whether you are diving with Sharks, traversing a river in a kayak, or white-water rafting, you’ll need a reliable waterproof action camera, and that is where GoPro comes in. 

This company offers HD action cameras with sharp 4K resolution, enabling you to capture crystal-clear footage of your feats.

Man snowboarding with a go pro - Putting a GoPro on a Ski Helmet

Where Do you Put a GoPro on a Ski Helmet?

GoPro offers a variety of helmet mounts, and the Hero 10 has helmet front and side mounts with swivel capabilities. In addition, this camera can easily adjust to the desired angle; all you would have to use is the integrated mounting buckle.

The website also offers vented helmet strap mounts that fit all helmet sizes. Not just ski helmets, but biking helmets, climber helmets, you name it, this strap mount will adjust.  


How do You Make Sure Your GoPro won’t Fall Off your Helmet?

There will always be a risk of losing and damaging your camera. You will also risk self-injury on those monster jumps also. But, there are ways to secure your GoPro and capture that monster air from the slopes.

Photojournalists will remind others about the incident with Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident back in 2013. It is important to remember that the safety of the GoPro Helmet mount for skiing has been called into question. 

It’s difficult to tell if the mount was to blame, but if you decide to mount your GoPro on your skiing helmet, make sure that you’re always aware that it’s there. 

Take the extra time to check, especially if skiing off-piste or through the trees. Mount the camera either on top or to the side of your helmet.

GoPro offers stabilizers if your footage is jerky; this, combined with a solid strap mount, can be the solution. Check the straps before a run, then continue with simple tests. This can help keep the camera out of the line of sight when riding.

Shaking the helmet will simulate rough landings, to which a ride should see if the camera slides. Adjust from there by moving or adding stabilizing technology. After that, it becomes a matter of enjoying the next run.


What is the Best Recording Angle for a GoPro on a Ski Helmet?

Many photographers say to use the side mount, which is up for debate. Look at it like this.

If you want to make a tree run, look like the speeder bike chase on Endor from Return of the Jedi

Again, a front mount is a way to go; this point of view will show your viewers exactly what you see as you perform your feat.

Use your GoPro app to find the exact angles you wish to use. Features like crop mode and various other options will allow you to catch the moment as you intended.


What Should Hold a GoPro on a Ski helmet?

There are more than just GoPro mounts to investigate. Strap mounts and specifically designed helmet mounts are available through GoPro.

Nordic Flash offers adhesive-based mounts that fit nearly all GoPro models. They are ideally suited for adventure cameras with waterproofing and the ability to adjust where the camera is mounted. Additionally, this option allows customization for the rider/photographer team.  

Ram Mounts have tough-claw technology, a tool-Free Tough-Claw Clamps that mount to round, square, or odd-shaped rails and can attach to other terrains if not used on the helmet. These should hold your camera in place as you ride.


What do You Need to Pay Attention to While Putting a GoPro on a Ski Helmet?

The camera itself is the most important thing to pay attention to when attaching the camera. Check the charge, check the lenses, and double-check the memory cards. 

Nothing worse than ripping a big trick or making it to a summit without camera proof, all due to a full memory card.

Next, check your mount for cracks, frays in the fabric, or any loose buckle, and then look at the helmet. Is there damage to the helmet itself? Is there any structural damage to where the mount goes? All of these could lead to a lost or damaged GoPro.

Finally, look at the adhesives and straps. When securing the camera, be confident that the mounts will keep the GoPro steady. Shake the helmet. Does the camera come loose?  

Final Thoughts on Putting a GoPro on a Ski Helmet

GoPro’s are on the cutting edge of HD technology and are the leaders in action sports photography. So take the time to find the right mount for your adventure photography needs. 

There are plenty of options that will fit any helmet and capture that gnarly trick off the half-pipe.