Nitro Optisym Review

Last Updated on December 26th, 2022

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Nitro Optisym Snowboard

Nitro Optisym Snowboard


Nitro has been in the snowboard game for a while since the 90s, in fact. That’s already 30 years in the business. They are considered one of the most popular snowboard brands on the market.

Many fans describe the boards as a “pretty good ride.” But how does the Nitro Optisym meet the standard of the popular brand?


What is the Quality of this Product?

This board is aimed at riders looking for a high-performance board that can destroy the mountain and turns it into one big playground.

Built with an advanced blunt twin chassis that utilizes a deeper heelside sidecut, the Nitro Optisym has the ideal combination of on-slope performance with freestyle balance and control, ensuring that this board is going to feel at ease no matter what or where you ride.

So, overall, it is pretty good quality. This board is an all-rounder and perfect for just about any terrain.

What are the Best Features of Nitro Optisym?

The Nitro Optisym board has a state-of-the-art design as well as the performance to back it up.

Utilizing the Whiplash profiled Powercore II with the all-new Powerwall technology, freestyle-friendly Bi-lite laminations, and park-proof Premium Extruded FH base, Nitro’s Optisym provides all the performance you could ever need.


How Do You Store it?

As with most boards, always store them in a dry place. Any moisture that gets to your board can cause delamination and lower the quality and performance of the board. The same goes for spaces with high humidity that can dry out the board.

If you only have the space for your board in the garage, then keep it in a plastic zip-lock board bag. It is also best that you store your board standing upright to better help preserve the chamber/shape of the board.


What Flaws Does Nitro Optisym Have?

The board is not great when it comes to Ollies. It’s chamber dominant, so it certainly has some snap. However, load it up and wait for the rebound, as it’s a delayed reaction.

With this, you will have to be more calculated with how you pop a roller or side hit. Yes, the snap is there, and it is more or less enough to get the job done, but it isn’t exactly mind-blowing.

With this type of board, you have a deeper heelside sidecut to rail turns on. However, this board is mediocre at best when it comes to carving. It gets the job done, but you never feel like you hit the board’s full potential.

The toe edge has some serious limitations, and you can feel like you hit a wall when lying over. However, when trying to rail turns, regardless of which edge you are on, you never feel like you are locked in and that you are about to kick out.

The overall edge-to-edge transmission is slow, and the board seems weaker on the toe edge than on the heel edge. This puts the core profiling of the Nitro Optisym board into question.


Is Nitro Optisym Too Expensive?

With a price range of $350-$500, we wouldn’t consider this board to be too expensive due to all the great qualities and the work that went into designing and creating the board. However, there are a lot of brands out there that cost a lot more for lower quality.

Final Thoughts on Nitro Optisym Review

Nitro has been on the snowboarding scene for decades, and we’d consider it a safe choice for all sorts of boarders out here.

The price range goes from 300$ and above, which is relatively cheap, so there is a choice for you to make how much you want to spend on it. At the same time, Nitro Optisym has quality and will surely last for seasons.


Nitro Optisym Snowboard

Nitro Optisym Snowboard