Men’s and Women’s Snowboard Bindings

Last Updated on April 26th, 2023

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For the most part, both men’s and women’s snowboard boot bindings will have the same designs and setups. 

But there are going to be a few key differences between the two. The most transparent difference will be the size differences because most bindings will be smaller to accommodate the more petite women. 

The other stark difference will be that the high backs on the women’s bindings will be shorter and softer, making them easier to clip in and providing better flexibility and board control. 

Not to mention the difference between foot sizes between genders will cause the heels to be wider in some setups when compared to one another. 


What are the Similarities?

For the most part, both styles of bindings will have similar locking mechanisms and strap-in methods to keep the boot in place when hitting the slopes. 

Despite the design differences to accommodate the body differences between the genders, each will have the same style bindings as one another, with slight changes concerning foot size differences. 

Each gender will have the same snowboarding manufacturers to provide the gear they like, from a brand they love and support, and will have customizable options to create the look desired when out on the slopes. 

There are going to be many more differences to talk about than there are similarities between men’s and women’s snowboard bindings. 


What are the Differences?

The main differences will be seen in the subtle areas, such as with the bindings’ high backs and heel sizes. 

Men will have wider ankle and heel areas because, naturally, men have thicker sets of these, but also taller high backs because of the additional length in lower and upper leg segments. 

There also might be a few design and style differences, as we are all privy, and not everyone has the same sense of fashion. 

Possibly overlooked will be the angle of the boot bindings. Men and women have differently designed lower extremities, and how we stand comfortably reflects that, which applies to how the bindings are arranged on the snowboard. 


Pros and Cons: Men’s and Women’s Snowboard Bindings

The pro for snowboard bindings designed for men will be the solid structure in which the units are made, especially the larger sets which are created for bigger people. 

This is going to be comforting to those smaller folks when it comes to thinking about knowing your bindings can handle your weight. 

The con will be the clunky nature of the bindings for the folks with a few sizes smaller than those needing the larger sizes, which leads to the elegant, designed bindings that women’s snowboarding equipment manufacturers are coming out with. 

The con, men cannot wear these lighter framed bindings, or at least the larger men will not have the same styled equipment. 


Which Ones are More Beginner Friendly?

In this instance, there will not be any difference, and when you think about the designs, there is going to be a unisex solution for children to use. 

However, when it comes to grown folks learning to ride, there will be adult bindings that will fit most riders and will be gender specific. 

These bindings, which are rented from most resort equipment shops, will be easy to use and well worn.

Most beginner bindings will be the strap in kind even though there are step-in designed bindings being made right now. 

If there were a selection, men’s would be easier as they have been designers’ main focus for many years, even as we move towards an equal society. 


Which one is More Versatile?

Again, comparing these two types of bindings will be better suited when considering the recent designs that have come out onto the market. 

Burton Snowboarding Company and CLEW snowboarding are only two examples of manufacturers that have come up with innovative new step-in-designed snowboard bindings. 

As the snowboarding community is a gender-equality group, with that being said, there are going to be the same products created for both sexes equally. 

These new bindings are very durable and versatile when it comes to being able to get through terrain parks and strapping in and out of the units. 


Final Thoughts on Men’s and Women’s Snowboard Bindings 

The Snowboarding world is one of those new-age thinking sports communities that believe in gender equality, and rarely will there be a product for only one and not the other. 

Unless it is to deal with certain bodily functions that are gender-specific, most manufacturers will produce men’s and women’s sets of bindings and other snowboarding equipment. 

For beginners, the best place to start will be at the equipment manager’s resort rentals and using their generic bindings until you gain experience and knowledge.