K2 Raygun Pop

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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If you are looking for a tried and true snowboard that feels sturdy and stable while still having the ability to slash tight turns and shred fresh powder, the K2 Raygun Pop is the snowboard for you!

K2 is a Seattle-based brand that has made award-winning wood-based boards since the 1960s, and the Raygun Pop is no different.


What is the Quality of This Product? 

The K2 Raygun has been around for the last nine years, proving its quality and longevity. It is a perfect blend between beginner and intermediate riding styles and can be used as an all-mountain board.

Why pay more for the most high-end and expensive board when this board is of excellent quality on a budget? The K2 Raygun Pop has an excellent long-standing reputation, and the ride you will experience will certainly prove itself to be true!

Man in black jacket and helmet snowboarding - K2 Raygun Pop

What Are the Best Features of K2 Raygun Pop?

Not only will the K2 Raygun Pop work for your park riding needs, but it also features a camber style that allows for all-mountain freestyle riding.

The diverse ability of this board is arguably its best feature, allowing both beginners and experts to enjoy exploring all parts of the mountain. Of course, there are more technical aspects that this board offers:


  • ICG™ 10 Biax Fiberglass for sharp edge hold
  • Extruded 2000 base for low maintenance and easy repairs
  • Aspen Core for smooth and lightweight flex
  • Hybritech™ Sidewall Construction reduces waste produced from this snowboard
  • Rocker/Camber Build for stability on bumpy terrain and a forgiving riding style
  • ICG 10 Biax glass with Carbon Laminate
  • Flex Rating of 6/10 for diverse riding


What is the Average Price of K2 Raygun Pop? 

Any snowboarder knows that collecting all the necessary gear for the sport can get quite pricey. The Raygun Pop is a sub-500 dollar board that performs excellently season after season.

You will not be compromising quality by choosing this board over a higher-priced option! Currently, this board runs between $319-499.99 USD.

Shop around for the best deal! It is widely available on online platforms and snowboarding shops for being well known as a dependable and valuable asset to add to your snowboarding arsenal.


What Flaws Does K2 Raygun Pop Have? 

Being an all-mountain board designed to work in various conditions, the Raygun Pop is not made for any specialized style. Professionals who only ride park style or alpine adventurers will notice that this board is made to be generalized.

Weekend riders welcome the diversity, or may not even notice, but professionals in their respective snowboard styles of riding would require something harsher, sharper, and with distinctive features.

However, have no fear if you are a novice or a recreational rider. These flaws will not apply to you!


Is it Worth Buying if You’re not a Pro?

The short answer: ABSOLUTELY. The K2 Raygun Pop is a classic and tried and true board that is an excellent choice, especially due to its price point. Beginners all the way up to seasoned experts will enjoy the diversity that this board provides.

Being an all-mountain board, it allows riders to focus on a variety of riding styles, from woods-riding and shredding double blacks to hitting the park and looking to catch some air or focus on new tricks.

However, if you are a professional snowboarder, you may want to look for a more honed style for your ability. K2 also makes snowboards specially designed for professional park rats that are more rigid and cut sharper.

They also have wider, all-mountain boards for alpine riding or fresh powder cruising. Of course, if you like to dabble in all styles and want a board that can keep up, even an expert would find this board quite competent!

Final Thoughts on K2 Raygun Pop

K2 has been in the snowboarding industry for a long time, so you can count on the quality and longevity of its products. K2 Raygun Pop has all the features that will allow you to snowboard easily for a long time, even if you’re just a beginner.