K2 Niseko Pleasures Review

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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K2 is a well-known skiing equipment provider that has provided many Olympians with quality to which they brought home gold. As one of the most reputable skiing companies in the industry, they can afford to take risks.

One such venture would be the K2 Niseko Pleasures, a combination between skis and skateboards. These products have been given mediocre reviews on specifics, but overall were given an above-average score, making it a product worth investigating.

According to ski and snowboarding experts, these boards are made for those chasing the power and looking for that floating on-air winter skiing experience.

Person snowboarding downhill - K2 Niseko Pleasures Review

Does K2 Niseko Have Good Snowboards?

The first thing to consider about this product is to look at the traditional snowboards that K2 offers. There is a consensus about K2; it may have a better reputation than Burton Snowboards, but it will provide a quality product that is perfect for that beginner.

When you look at these particular products, a few things are left to be desired. As for rideability, most experts gave it an average rating and mentioned that the board had a Medium-stiff feel when on the snow.

Remember, these brands of snowboards come without straps, keeping your feet free to expand your tricks portfolio.


Is this a Popular Model?

The idea of a free foot snowboard is a relatively new one, for which there has been a rush by companies to provide the best one. The most popular snowboarding company, by far, is Burton Snowboards, and they also carry this type of product.

In short, this is not an overly popular product compared to Solomon’s or some other big manufacturers, which makes for an exciting selection. 

However, most would like to have some individuality when looking for items. Finding a quality product that does not have everyone clamoring for it is rare.


What is the Average price for it?

An MSRP listed on the K2 webpage costs five hundred and ninety-nine dollars, which is about average for these new-age products. This is what K2 is pricing their product at straight from the warehouse.

 When looking online, there is a wide range of pricing. For example, there are boards on auction sites and online storefronts that have some priced in the thousands of dollars, while some discount sites give them out at under four hundred dollars.

The truth is, for being a middle-of-the-road product, the resale value holds steady in the few hundred dollars.


What are the Best Features?

These K2 boards will be one of those purchases that could be the last one you ever make, which speaks to the quality of the manufacturing. As with most K2 products, these boards will allow you to float on the powered slopes and turn on a glide.

This is the best feature of the Niseko Pleasures model and the ability to navigate trees and obstacles that will carve smoothly down the mountain. The speed at which a rider can accelerate can stimulate the adrenal glands.


What are its Flaws?

One would be hard-pressed to find flaws with the K2 Niseko Snowboard; there are a few, but only some things that would make it unworthy of purchasing and riding on. 

The flaw that sticks out the most when thinking about the classic snowboarding experience would be the awkward switch, the motion in which a rider switches their lead foot.

This, of course, is common among the free foot snowboards due to the strapless feature that allows the boards to leave the feet of the rider. 

Another flaw that could be spoken of would be the jumps, again because, without the strapped boots, it makes it difficult to pull the board up with you as you jump.

Final Thoughts on K2 Niseko Pleasures Review

These K2 snowboards are fun in a new sense; those that have a passion for riding the concrete or ocean waves will now have the option to shred the mountain slopes with their highland extreme sports kin. 

They are rated high for those that like to chase the powder and ride up on the top of the snow but beware if you are looking for a tricks board.

Most often than not, you will find a quality board online, but also keep in mind that some prices will be higher than if you purchase a brand-new one. Therefore, the best policy is to research and shop around before committing this kind of money to a pleasure item.