K2 Instrument Review

Last Updated on December 26th, 2022

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K2 Instrument Snowboard

K2 Instrument Snowboard


Up in the mountains, you will experience unexpected twists and turns. The K2 Instrument thrives on that unpredictability that those mountains throw at you.

The brand new directional model from K2 features a traditional chamber line and utilizes a volume shift design to increase the amount of width to the board for carving trenches on groomers without the need to reduce responsiveness.

This board floats through the powder fields like a dream.

Person in a brown jacket snowboarding - K2 Instrument Review

What is the Quality of this Product?

This board is an all-mountain freeride for intermediate and advanced riders. It truly is a board that can turn a mountain into a playground. A longer rocker section in the nose will keep you floating.

The K2 Instrument is the dynamic master of turns and deep days. It has all the qualities of a board built for those with experience.


What are the best features of the K2 Instrument?

The K2 board is definitely more dynamic with its wider, stiffer deck that is shifted with a directional profile, early taper and deep sidecut to enhance precision and performance on groomers, hardpack, and powder.

It has a traditional chamber combined with a Carbon Fibre stronger throughout the board that offers riders easy turn initiation with heightened pop and responsiveness.

A Bambooyah Core and Sintered 4000 base maximizes the Instrument’s durability and will guarantee integrity.


How Should You Store it?

As with any snowboard, any space where moisture can get to it is a big no-no. The same goes for spaces with high humidity.

However, placing your board into a plastic ziplock back in an upright position will keep any humidity or moisture from getting to your board and damaging its quality.

Make sure to check your snowboard every once in a while because humidity can create serious damage to your board.


What Flaws does the K2 Instrument have?

The K2 Instrument is not the most playful snowboard to get. If you know what you’re doing, you will have a lot of fun with this board, but it is not for beginners who do not know how to manipulate and handle the chamber.


Where can I Buy one?

Buying a K2 Instrument is simple. Just head online and order one to be delivered right to your door. Suggested websites include The Sick and The Wrong, Snowtrax, and Amazon.

But that’s only to name a few. Take a stroll through Google to find the best deal for you. But don’t pick a low price over quality, or you’ll regret it.

Final Thoughts on K2 Instrument

K2 Instrument is an excellent snowboard with unique features that provide great speed and accuracy. Hence, this is a fantastic board for experienced snowboarders. However, if you’re just starting to get into snowboarding, this is probably not the best board choice. Yet!


K2 Instrument Snowboard

K2 Instrument Snowboard