Jones Mountain Twin vs. Capita Mercury – Which Should You Ride?

Last Updated on December 26th, 2022

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Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard


CAPiTA Mercury Wide Snowboard

CAPiTA Mercury Wide Snowboard

Both snowboard styles, the Mountain Twin and the Mercury have been curated from very reputable brands that take pride in their quality.


Which One Has Better Quality?

Jones has a long history of creating groundbreaking snowboarding technology, and many riders would choose the Mountain Twin snowboard simply for its good reputation as a brand for making excellent quality gear.

However, Capita has taken off in popularity in the last number of years, which speaks for itself. The newer styles, especially the Capita Mercury, are highly rated and in strong competition with some of the older, tried, and true snowboard brands.

Both snowboards will keep up with your shredding all over the mountain! However, depending on your riding style or skill level, one board may possess qualities that will complement your taste better.

Man wearing a black beanie snowboarding - Jones Mountain Twin vs. Capita Mercury

Which One Has Better Features?

For starters, the Jones Mountain Twin is mostly catered toward park riders, those who like to hit jumps and practice their tricks. But what gives this board the extra hype is its ability to shred powder and even hold up decently in icy conditions!

Instead of having a few different boards for different purposes, this board can be the sole tool in your snowboarding arsenal! The Capita Mercury is similar in some ways, as it is also an all-purpose mountain board.

It is a stiff slasher that can hold up well at top speeds, shred the park, and hit the backcountry.

They are both intermediate/advanced boards, so beginners should steer clear of these styles and look for a more forgiving board, but any weekend shredder or all-season snowboarder will appreciate the versatility of these boards.


Pros & Cons: Jones Mountain Twin vs. Capita Mercury

Jones Mountain Twin




  • Easily maneuverable
  • Great on powder
  • Light and smooth
  • User-friendly while still being aggressive
  • Versatile all-mountain board




  • Top sheet- design wears off easily


Capita Mercury




  • Medium flex rating
  • Stability and speed
  • Rocker tip for powder
  • All-mountain versatility
  • Camber hybrid style




  • Unforgiving (not for beginners)
  • Hard to turn


Price Range: Jones Mountain Twin vs. Capita Mercury

The Jones Mountain Twin comes in as the cheaper of the two styles of snowboards, but not by a lot. On their official website, the 2023 board is currently listed at $549.99.

The fact that it is an intermediate/advanced board, this price point is standard, maybe even on the affordable side. Those looking to purchase a board for this difficulty level of snowboarding know the importance of a quality board, and this price point reflects that.

It can be purchased on, as well as a variety of other online outfitters. The Capita Mercury, while it is a bit more expensive, falls in a comparable price range to the Mountain Twin.

The Mercury is currently priced at $599.95, which is consistent throughout all online retailers. As previously stated, these boards are very comparable, and the price should not make your decision for you.

Depending on your style and competency of riding, either board will meet and exceed expectations, and the difference of fifty dollars should not play a role in your choice.

Final Verdict: Jones Mountain Twin vs. Capita Mercury

If you are an intermediate to advanced snowboarder who is looking for a snowboard that can keep up with you on all aspects of the mountain, both the Jones Mountain Twin and the Capita Mercury will have your back.

Both boards feature a stiff flex rating that allows for sharp turns and hard carving, helping you get to the next level of snowboarding. However, neither board is meant for beginner riders, and even on tired or lazy legs, these boards can catch an edge here and there.

These boards need to be controlled and require a strong rider. If that is you, both the Mountain Twin and Mercury will be your companions for whatever the snowboard season throws.

So how do you make your decision on which board is right for your needs? Both boards are similarly priced, so saving money is not really an aspect of decision-making. It depends on how you plan to use your new board!

The Jones Mountain Twin is more playful and has the flex for park and freestyle riding, but it can still hold up in powder with its sharp edges. The Capita Mercury is a strong and sturdy board that has its strengths in its stability and its speed.

Both boards can do it all and are extremely versatile in their ability to tackle the entire mountain, so the choice comes down to your individual style.

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard


CAPiTA Mercury Wide Snowboard

CAPiTA Mercury Wide Snowboard