Jones Frontier Vs. Mountain Twin

Last Updated on December 26th, 2022

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Jones Frontier Snowboard

Jones Frontier Snowboard


Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard

Jones Snowboards states that they design mountain gear whose innovative adaptability sets performance standards, all while being a leader in manufacturing sustainably but also in wilderness education and environmental outreach programs. 

Here, with this article, we will be fortunate to compare the Frontier snowboard with the Mountain twin model.

The Frontier was designed for the daily riders looking for a playful all-mountain snowboard with art by RP Roberts. 

In contrast, the Mountain Twin uses a directional twin design to maximize the stability and ‘float on powder’ feeling when bombing lines downslope and in style with art by Salty Timbers.

Which One Has Better Quality?

To be blunt, these are two quality boards designed similarly but tweaked just enough for there to be a difference. To begin, let us look at the Jones Frontier Snowboard, which was created for speed and, of the two, has an easier time getting on top of powder.

As for the Jones Mountain Twin, it was created for those looking for a tricks board. The reviews agree this board is smooth when a switch foot situation is required, which only adds to the board’s reputation for being top-notch off jumps.


Which one has Better Features?

There are quite a few good things to say about both rides’ features; for example, the Frontier has hard edges to increase the speed out of turns and when bombing downslope. 

The freeride nose feature is also matched with a freestyle tail, thus making the powder days even more enjoyable.

The Jones Mountain Twin comes with blunt tips for reduced swing weight and, in addition to the Traction Tech edging to keep a ride lock on firm snow. 

All add up to a phenomenal board off the jumps; it is hard to say which has better features, but both have quality aspects regarding different riding situations.


Pros and Cons: Jones Frontier vs. Mountain Twin

One of the overwhelmingly fantastic attributes of the Mountain Twin would be the twin’s shape featuring blunt tips to reduce the swing weight through the turns. And on the other hand, an overwhelming con would be how the board struggles with the powder days.

As for the Jones Frontier snowboard’s directional shape, rocker profile, and traction tech 2.0 edges provide stability even through the deepest of powder, most challenging terrains, and even the roughest snow fields. 

However, the Frontier was not designed for tricks riding, scoring a low jibbing rating.


Price Range: Jones Frontier vs. Mountain Twin

When looking for a quality board that can handle the powder days and helps you pull a tight tail grab or speed down the slope without being deterred by the roughest terrain, look no further than the Jones Mountain Twin and Jones Frontier. 

The Frontier snowboard will allow a rider additional speed and stability for the price range of between four hundred and ninety-nine dollars, ninety-five cents, and upwards of nearly one thousand dollars. 

Then you have the trick rider’s dream board, the Jones Mountain Twins, which bottoms out at around five hundred forty-nine dollars, ninety-five cents to the same thousand dollar range of the Frontier.


Final Verdict: Jones Frontier vs. Mountain Twin

There is an interesting comparison between these two snowboards; one is built for speed, and the other for fun. The Jones Frontier hardened edge technology makes it an attractive choice for those racing competitively or looking for a sturdy board that can cut through the heaviest snow.

The Jones Mountain Twin, with blunt tips for reduced swing weight, provides a trick-savvy ride where a rider can pull up, grind a rail, and then hit the next jump with gusto. So if you want speed, go with the Frontier, and if you want to tear up a terrain park, get yourself a Mountain Twin.

Final Thoughts on Jones Frontier vs. Mountain Twin

Jones snowboarding company has made two fine additions to the snowboard market; the Jones Frontier has proven itself to be a backcountry board with the ability to keep up speed through the groomed slopes. 

Then you have the Jones Mountain Twin board that will have you catching more air than usual and hitting the tricks park with higher confidence levels.

Having the budget to get both of these boards would fill a versatile snowboarder’s requirements; you cannot ask for too much more than Jones Snowboards offer with these two models. 

It does not hurt to do your independent investigation and research on the brand and make an informed decision when shopping. 

Jones Frontier Snowboard

Jones Frontier Snowboard


Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard