Jones Flagship 2022

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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Jones Snowboards are one of the best-branded companies in the snowboarding industry. Edgy, angular, and extreme are just a few words that describe Jones Snowboards, embodying Jones himself.


What is the Quality of This Product?

The Flagship is a great freeride option that excels in powder for carving and riding trees. This board is especially good for those who like it steep and deep.

However, this board was designed for the more advanced and expert riders. So, it isn’t built for the beginner or novice riders out there. Hence the top quality for the top skilled.

Man in orange and black jacket snowboarding - Jones Flagship 2022

What are the Best Features of the Jones Flagship 2022

The Flagship excels in technical terrain and is considered to be one of the most confidence-inspiring boards out there. It features a directional rocker profile, Traction Tech 3.0 for unmatched edge grip on hard snow, and a 3D Contour Base 3.0 for epic float.

The Flagship carves, stomps, or straight lines with amazing precision. The tapered shape sinks the tail for better float and quicker turns. The Engineered Veneer Topsheet, Flax/Basalt Power Stringers, and Power Core add torsional response and reduce board chatter.

In addition to all these qualities, the Flagship also has Float Pack inserts that give you the option of a super setback stance on the deepest slopes.


How Do You Store It?

As with any board, avoiding moisture and high humidity is best. Store it in a plastic zip-lock board bag and keep it upright to keep it at its best quality.

Aside from that, you also need to make sure the board does not dry out. These materials are susceptible when it comes to storing, so we recommend you check your board every once in a while to see if the conditions are suitable for the board.


What Flaws Does the Jones Flagship 2022 have?

While perfect for advanced riders and excellent for freeriding but has limits in other areas of the mountain.

Being fully focused on the freeride option does come with some negative drawbacks that show a lack of versatility in freestyle situations.

It is not a board you will want to take into the park, and you certainly wouldn’t want to take a ride if you are a beginner and only just learning the basics.


Is it Worth Buying?

If you are a beginner, we would say this board isn’t for you. Buying a snowboard made for professionals is risky for multiple reasons, and mainly because there is a high chance of getting yourself injured.

However, if you are an expert with boards, then this one is worth your money as it has everything you need for increased maneuverability and is great for even the most uneven terrain.

Final Thoughts on Jones Flagship 2022

All things considered, Jones Flagship is such a successful snowboarding brand for a reason.

The variety of qualities of this board has undoubtedly made it worth the price you’re paying, mainly because of the materials that make the board last longer. This snowboard has a great price and quality balance, and we recommend it.