Gnu Gremlin vs. Lib Tech Orca – Which Should You Ride?

Last Updated on February 7th, 2023

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Looking at the two snowboards side by side would lead anyone to believe they could be twins or are at least essentially the same.

However, when taking a close look, it turns out that depending on your skill level or riding style, either the Gremlin or the Orca may be better suited for your needs.


Which One has Better Features?

That being said, both boards are high quality and share a large number of features. More specifically, their camber board shape and style look very similar to the naked eye.

In addition, the riding style for both boards seems versatile, and it looks to be an all-mountain board. First off is the price point. The Gremlin is 50-75 dollars cheaper than the Orca, but truthfully, that should not be a large enough gap to make a decision.

Long story short, both boards offer features that are ride-style specific. If you are an advanced rider, you may prefer the aggressive carving nature of the Gnu Gremlin, and if you love to shred.

Man in grey jacket snowboarding downhill - Gnu gremlin vs Orca

Which One Has Better Quality?

Mervin Manufacturing, an American company, manufactures both brands Lib Technologies and Gnu. They are a leading designer and manufacturer of some of the biggest brands that boast the highest quality.

While these brands are certainly separate, the quality they offer is extremely comparable. Either option will provide you with a quality snowboard that performs excellently in a variety of conditions.

Largely, if choosing between the Gremlin or the Orca, the decision-making will come from the features you value most.


Pros & Cons: Gnu Gremlin vs Orca





  • Power and camber dominance
  • Stiffer for advanced riders
  • Carve-heavy
  • Strong drive and pop out of a turn
  • Fast and poppy




  • Needs to be waxed often





  • Playful in the park
  • Surf-style
  • Great in powder
  • All-mountain resort riding
  • Great control




  • Hard to land jumps- due to the short tail


Price Range: Gnu Gremlin vs Orca

Let’s start with the variable snowboard option- the Lib Tech Orca. While on their official website, this snowboard runs close to 700 USD, on other outdoor online shops, it can be sold for nearly half that!

The confusion surrounding the Orca may help you make up your mind on which board to choose! Very trustworthy websites seem to be selling this board for an absolute steal, at just under 350 dollars.

On the flip side, the Gnu Gremlin seems to have a very fixed price. It is 559.99, across the board, on various sites.


Final Verdict: Gnu Gremlin vs Orca

Do you want the lightweight playfulness and the ability to float through powder, or do you prefer hard shredding and cutting in backcountry terrain? The Gnu Gremlin offers a higher caliber or performance due to its stiffness and aggressive turning capabilities.

A more advanced rider will prefer the Gremlin because it can carve hard and stick on its line, but a beginner may feel that it is too hard to control.

On the flip side, for an all-mountain recreational rider, the Lib Tech Orca will be perfect for a fun-loving surf-style snowboarder who wants to glide through powder and enjoy the playfulness of a ski resort.

Both boards are recognized for their features and high quality, and it really comes down to what you are looking to get out of your new snowboard. Regardless of your choice, you will not be disappointed with either of these boards for your upcoming season!