DC Fourth Snowboard Boots Review – What to Know Before Buying

Last Updated on December 26th, 2022

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DC Forth Mens Snowboard Boots

DC Forth Mens Snowboard Boots


DC is one of the most famous brands in making premium quality snowboard gear, which will serve you for a very long period of time. 

Through the year, DC has developed a very positive reputation and become pretty trustworthy in the market. So, it is hard to get mistaken for them.

If you are a snowboarder, you’re probably ready to grab your board and head up the lift; just be sure to wear the proper snowboarding boots to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfy. This is one of the key parts of having a good snowboarding experience. 

Man in orange jacket snowboarding - DC Fourth Snowboard Boots Review

Do DC Fourth Snowboard Boots Review Have Good Reviews?

These snowboarding boots are quite adaptable with medium flexibility; they can provide loose capabilities in a park while having a firm grasp for steeps and slicing deep powder. 

Most versions use the BOA lacing system as standard equipment, eliminating the need for fumbling with laces. DC Fourth snowboard boots are one of the best ones, as they are soft, firm, and serve for a very long time. 

Snowboarding boots are usually heavy and not very comfortable while walking. However, these ones are convenient even when you are not riding. So in every riding position, you will not feel heaviness on your foot. 


Are DC Fourth Snowboard Boots Comfortable?

The DC brand is known for its technology of making super comfortable snowboard boots, which combine both softness and technical parts. However, even the best boots can seem uncomfortable if you don’t know which size to buy.

Snowboard boots should fit snugly, your heel shouldn’t slide, they shouldn’t hurt anyplace on your foot, and your toes should just touch the end. So, in order to feel comfortable in DC Fourth snowboard boots, we recommend buying one size bigger than your usual size. 

Otherwise, if you buy the same size, or even half size smaller, you will not be able to ride, and your feet will hurt all the time.


Are DC Fourth Snowboard Boots Long-lasting?

An excellent pair of snowboarding boots should be able to withstand 50 to 70 days of intense riding for one to two full seasons. Make sure you save your purchase receipt and inquire about the warranty if they break down or wear out quickly.

However, if you are not an intense rider, then the boots can serve up to five or six years and still be in great shape. 

That is why while buying snowboarding boots, we recommend not buying cheap ones because if the boots are not high quality, your feet will hurt all the time and serve just one season.


Do DC Fourth Snowboard Boots Have a Good Price and Quality Ratio?

DC snowboard boots have always been one of the most expensive ones on the market. Not only because they provide good quality but also because of their name and brand. However, indeed, the consumer can be sure that the boots are going to serve for a very long time. 

They continue to be regarded as a leading extreme sports brand and are still relevant with elite athletes today. 

The cost of a pair of DC snowboarding boots ranges from roughly $139.99 for models from the previous season to $419.99 for the newest and most expensive versions.


Why Are DC Fourth Snowboard Boots Worth Buying?

DC is a well-known veteran in the snowboarding boot industry and creates excellent snowboarding boots. DC is the greatest option since their technology and design have consistently set the bar and because they’re working to increase utility and adaptability.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional. DC fourth snowboard boots will give you a whole different experience of riding. Not only will it be extra comfortable, but the boots will also help you to master your riding skills. 

So, if you have a budget, then spending money on DC Fourth snowboard boots will be a wise decision. 


Is There Anything That Makes DC Fourth Snowboard Boots Not Worth Buying?

There are a few considerations you should make before buying new snowboard boots. The most crucial element will always be fit, followed by flex and lacing. DC Fourth Snowboard meets these criteria. However, these boots are very expensive.

If you are on a budget, then you should look at other brands because they are also good choices in the cheap segment. 

DC Fourth snowboard boots are meant to allow for flexibility and movement, but they might not offer as much ankle stability or stiffness, which is less ideal when landing from greater heights or traveling at a quicker pace.

Final Thoughts on DC Fourth Snowboard Boots Review

When it comes to buying snowboarding gear, it is hard to choose from all the options in the market, especially if you are a beginner and don’t have much experience in riding.

Indeed, there are many options that are not too expensive and provide medium quality. However, while choosing boots, we recommend going for the best quality because hurting feet is the least that you would like to experience on the slopes.

DC Fourth snowboard boots are one of the most comfortable ones on the market. So, if you are not looking for a cheap option, this is definitely what you are looking for. 


DC Forth Mens Snowboard Boots

DC Forth Mens Snowboard Boots