Clew Binding Review

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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For further information and understanding, Clew is a German company manufacturing their bindings in Miesbach, Bavaria, by hand. These are equipped with clip-in technology.

A rider can effectively step into their bindings without bending over and still have the stability to carve the mountain. This is because they have a hybrid binding, and there is no high back connected to the board because it is built into the boot instead.

Even when the foot pads are covered in snow, the bindings will still click into place and remain secured.

Person on a snowboard standing on the peak of a snowy mountain - Clew Binding Review

Does Clew have Good Bindings?

Initially, there was skepticism, but after reviews started coming, the Snowboard binding industry was put on notice. These snowboard bindings have got the quality engineering you would expect from a product made in Germany, even exceeding what was thought possible.

In short, yes, these are better than good bindings, and if you can afford them, you are highly recommended to purchase them.

In some of the testing videos, riders pulled their boots out mid-run and were pleasantly surprised at the ease with which they could clip back into their bindings.


Is this a Popular Brand?

Clew is not a household name like Burton or K2, but this company still needs to make noise. The release of their step-on clip-in binding system has only added to the brand’s popularity, which has been a part of the industry for over a few decades.

Over fifty thousand fans throughout the social media universe feel a connection or loyalty to the brand. With those numbers being reported as so, the actual number is consistently growing, which is positive momentum for a company on the rise.


How Much Does it Cost?

A brand-new Clew, Freedom 1.0, will cost around five hundred dollars at MSRP, with a second base set at about two hundred dollars. When searching the internet, there are hardly any resale items on the market, which usually means the products are made very well.

For your information, the refund agreement states that a purchaser has the right to withdraw from their contract and return the item as long as it is done within fourteen days of the purchase date.

The money will be refunded once Clew receives all the items and products from the purchase.


Are These Good for Beginners?

Now, this could be a matter of opinion, especially when it comes to older snowboarders and teaching the new generation.

However, as this technology develops and how things are going and eventually replacing the ratchet strap binding systems, this question will have to be answered differently.

Therefore, at this point in history, these are good for beginners but at a steep price for budget-strict learners. In other words, if you can afford to get a set of these bindings for the beginning snowboarder in your family, then do so, and the newbie will be better.


What are its Flaws?

This is a more complicated question than it would seem; it is very difficult to find anything that could be considered a flaw besides the price. That being said, are the bindings worth the nearly five-hundred-dollar price tag?

Yes, they are of the quality to be expected from German engineering and manufacturing. The materials remain solid and do not lose integrity even in extreme temperatures.

On the slopes, the boots plus bindings rarely become unsecured when riding; when they do, the system intuitively clicks back in with little effort. Even the testers have not found a flaw, as the reviews remain positive when commenting on the Clew Binding systems.

Final Thoughts on Clew Binding Review

Germany has always had a reputation for designing, engineering, and manufacturing products with precision and, damn, near perfection.

The Clew Snowboard Binding system, Freedom 1.0, happens to be one of those produced items that attest to the country’s reputation.

The price tag may be a little much for those with budget issues, but the truth is that the step-on clip-in technology is worth the five-hundred-dollar price tag.

Not to mention those thinking ahead can get a second binding base for a lower price of two hundred dollars. The only way to be certain is to do some personal investigation and research to become an informed and well-prepared shopper.