Chamonix Kraken Snowboard Review – What to Know Before Buying

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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The Chamonix Collection is a well-known company among snowboard lovers, which provides people with high-quality outerwear, snowboards, and other snowboarding accessories.

The Chamonix Krake board will take on every challenge the mountain can throw at it, thanks to its tried-and-true radial form and cutting-edge design. 

This real twin jibbing monster is built with a hybrid camber profile that includes a reverse camber zone between the insert packs for a loose and playful feel. 

In addition, the standard camber underfoot offers it more snap and edge grip for those shaky landings. The Kraken is always a good idea!

Person snowboarding on a blue jacket - Chamonix Kraken Snowboard Review

Does Chamonix Kraken Snowboard Have Good Reviews?

The Chamonix brand offers fantastic boards for those who love snowboarding but are on a tight budget. So, indeed, there are many possibilities to pick from, and there are pretty good snowboards. 

The brand has good reviews, especially if you’re a beginner or an intermediate rider. Chamonix Kraken snowboard is perfect if you enjoy freestyle riding. Such snowboards have dual tips and are lightweight, short, and flexible. 

Kraken works well for riders who prefer to challenge themselves in terrain parks or want a dynamic ride anywhere on the mountain, but they are less suitable for stability or cruising quickly on firm snow.


Is Chamonix Kraken Snowboard a Popular Choice?

The brand Chamonix has existed for about five years, so it is basically a new brand. Therefore, if you are a professional rider with years of experience, Chamonix Kraken snowboards are not very recommended. 

However, as Chamonix is relatively cheaper than the other brands, it is pretty comfortable for beginners just starting their journey in the mountains. Unfortunately, though, still, the brand is not the most popular choice. 

Cheaper equipment typically comes with a compromise in terms of performance and quality. Although we wouldn’t describe Chamonix Kraken boards as being of inadequate quality, they do not perform at a high level.


How Much Money Does Chamonix Kraken Snowboard Cost, and is it Worth Buying?

The price of a Chamonix Kraken snowboard varies from $200-300. A Chamonix board may be the ideal choice if you are just starting to ride; however, it wouldn’t be worth the price if you are a professional rider. 

Because they build their snowboards out of less expensive materials, Chamonix is able to keep its pricing low. Unfortunately, as a result, you frequently won’t discover the high-performance qualities that you would expect from other reputable brands.

So, if you are a newbie, then Chamonix Kraken can fit perfectly while being less expensive than other brands. But if you expect something more than that, don’t rely much on this board. 


Why Should You Buy a Chamonix Kraken Snowboard?

Chamonix Kraken snowboards are a good choice for beginners, so if you are not a professional, we would recommend you keep your eye on this model. In addition to this, the Kraken board is good for freestyle riding. 

The Kraken is a cheap snowboard; therefore, it doesn’t have a lot of cutting-edge or unique manufacturing elements. Its design is straightforward but efficient and devoid of unnecessary frills. The end product is a straightforward all-mountain board that performs averagely.

So you should definitely buy this board if you are planning to ride for a couple of years and then switch to other boards. 


Why Do Some Reviews Claim You Should Not Buy a Chamonix Kraken Snowboard?

Chamonix Kraken Snowboards are not very popular since they just recently entered the market and are known for cheap boards. However, this doesn’t mean that those are bad choices, just not for everyone. 

One of the main reasons why Chamonix is cheap is because they may use some cheap material for their boards; however, the quality is still more than the average; hence for a beginner level, it will be more than enough. 

We wouldn’t recommend you to buy Chamonix Kraken snowboards if you are an advanced rider and need something more. But in other cases, such an option can be quite good. 

Final Thoughts on Chamonix Kraken Snowboard Review

Any starting snowboarder on a tight budget should choose Chamonix snowboards. A good all-mountain alternative is the Kraken, which will function admirably under a range of circumstances, notably for a freestyle ride. 

To keep prices down, Chamonix makes several performance and construction compromises. For experienced riders, they are thus not the best board. But these are a fantastic option if you need a new board that is reasonably priced.

So, keep your eye on these boards, and choose the one which is suitable for your needs, budget, and riding experience.