Capita Mercury vs. Mega Mercury – Which Should You Ride?

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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The Mercury was the original board. It was designed by Capita to be an all-purpose, all-mountain, versatile fun board for the intermediate up to advanced snowboarder.

It was an extremely popular board for its stable feel, medium flex, and its ability to hold its edge even on hard to icy snow.


Which One has Better Features?

Basically, the Mercury could keep up with whatever type of snowboarder you are, being light enough to flow over powder but still holding its stability on bumpy terrain.

It is the perfect balance between an aggressive board and a playful board, making it forgiving yet still competent for hard shredding. Taking the basis of the Mercury and building on it is where you get the Mega Mercury or Mega Merc.

Essentially, the Mega Merc is the regular Mercury with all the bells and whistles. Capita took the Mercury and made it into a high-quality, aggressive riding style board. Kind of like an upgrade!

Looking from a technical standpoint, the Mega Merc has better features, as it is more of a professional style board. However, an intermediate snowboarder would be much better suited for the original Mercury.

Which One Has More Quality?

The Mega Merc has more features and is a higher quality board for professional or advanced riders. It is stiff and aggressive and can handle a lot of speed.

However, it is not a casual riding board and is strongly suited toward all-mountain riding and not necessarily park riding. It will perform extremely well for snowboarders who love going high speed ahead! Capita has designed this board for this specific riding style.

On the flip side, Mercury also has extremely high quality! It is a totally different style of board, but for its purposes, it meets and exceeds expectations for the intermediate all-mountain rider.

It is fast and light and all-around fun! It is a rocker-camber built for versatility. Both boards are very high-end, with features that match the rider’s capabilities.


Pros & Cons: Capita Mercury vs. Mega Mercury

Capita Mercury



  • 6.5 level of flex
  • Smooth carving
  • Great stable speed
  • Lively and playful




  • Turning requires more effort
  • Not maneuverable at slow speeds


Capita Mega Merc



  • Strong edge riding
  • Fast speeds
  • Aggressive style




  • Casual riding is near impossible
  • Easy to skid
  • Expensive


Price Range: Capita Mercury vs. Mega Mercury

Think of the Capita Mercury as the original version and the Mega Merc as the upgrade. Even the original, the Mercury, leans on the expensive side of snowboards, which can be disputed by its high quality, popularity, and versatility on the mountain.

It has been around for some time now, making it a staple snowboard and one that many people choose as their go-to. It is priced at just under six hundred dollars at $599.99.

The upgraded version, the bigger Mega Merc, is essentially two hundred dollars more expensive due to the extra features and tailored style for the more advanced rider.

It is currently selling for $799.95. Both of these boards are available on the Capita official website but are not hard to find in other snowboarding outfitters’ stores.

Final Verdict: Capita Mercury vs. Mega Mercury

What kind of rider are you? Are you moving away from the days of renting a snowboard for an occasional shred, moving into the intermediate world? Are you looking to upgrade your snowboarding arsenal with a bit more of an aggressive board? Look no further.

The choice is clear. The Capita Mercury is extremely reliable and capable on the mountain for any terrain you are faced with. It has the ability to hit jumps and rails, as well as shred down tree lines or even fresh powder.

If you are willing to commit the funds to get a high-quality all-purpose board, the Mercury will certainly not disappoint. If you are next level- maybe even graduating from the Mercury, the Mega Merc may be the right choice for you.

Keep in mind this board is not messing around. It is not for the casual rider and performs best going fast and carving hard.

The advanced snowboarder will love the harsh edges and the stiff stability that the Mega Merc provides. It is clear that both boards are of the highest quality. It just depends on which will suit your snowboarding needs best.