Capita Equalizer Reviews

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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Capita is considered one of the more ‘badass’ companies; after twenty years of producing quality snowboarding equipment, this company continues to bring it year in and year out. 

Blue Montgomery and his friends started Capita as an idea, and they wanted a creative and unique brand.

The boards became an art piece, and the Capita Equalizer is precisely that, a piece of art designed to allow for a high-quality ride. From the preliminary reviews, this board is designed for speed. 

The Equalizer is your board for that advanced/expert rider that craves a playful feel and allows for creative shredding.

Person doing hockey stop - Capita Equalizer Reviews

What are the Best Features?

As with all things, ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,’ and the Equalizer snowboard brand has quickly become a classic, a traditional board made right the first time. 

The board is made of natural materials with Equalizer’s Technora and Flax boosters, which run parallel to the contact points along the length of the board to minimize chatter and keep the board stiff enough to crash through and chunder.  

The engineering that went into the Alpine V1 Profile was designed to amplify the qualities of each bend, create a powerful camber between the bindings, and a flatter tail for crushing those turns.


Is it a Good Choice for Beginners?

To be blunt, this is not a board designed for a beginner or amateur rider; the engineered cuts are made for speed and advanced/expert maneuvering. 

When considering a beginner board, many agree that another company might be a better purchase because of the carefully designed elements of the Capita Equalizer.

Capita offers beginner boards and complete sets; one model line that new riders should consider is the Capita Pathfinder, which ranks high on many review writers’ top five and ten lists. Some out there want to learn with the best equipment, and Capita does provide that.


How Much Does it Cost?

Whether you are looking for a second-hand resale or a brand-new Capita Equalizer snowboard, they will cost a few hundred dollars. On the one hand, this company has a reputation for pushing the envelope of what makes a snowboard badass.

The artistry that goes into each board makes that cost worth it. A brand-new board from the manufacturer will cost a buyer about five hundred dollars, and shipping is not included. 

That MSRP is right in the middle of the auction or second-hand pricing, and some boards are going for sub-four hundred dollars.In contrast, others continue to have prices closer to the thousand-dollar mark.


Is Capita a Popular Brand?

Though not a household name like Burton or K2, those snowboarders and other extreme athletes within the industry know about Capita Snowboards, they talk about the artistry mixed with a rider’s intuitional engineering and design. 

Though this brand has been gaining in popularity as word spreads of their quality, their commitment to one hundred percent clean energy, and attention to detail. 

As with all outdoorsy people and winter extreme sports athletes, we wish to protect and preserve the beauty of our wildernesses. This company has taken a stand to help keep what we have here on earth. 


What are the Flaws of this Product?

There are hardly any flaws with this product besides the fact that it’s designed for speed at an advanced/expert level, making it a more challenging ride for beginners and amateurs alike.

Beyond that, there is the matter of the few hundred-dollar price tag accompanied by these boards at checkout. This could be the flaw that prevents most consumers from purchasing a snowboard like this, and their budget cannot make room for such a pleasure purchase. 

As for the ride or structure of the board, this is a company built by borders, and it’s hard to believe they would release anything sub-par.  

Final Thoughts on Capita Equalizer Reviews

Take one look at the board’s website and the images online and see what the buzz is about the Capita Equalizer snowboard. These units are pieces of art, both visually and structurally.

Experts will tell you the stiffness, the robust camber design between the bindings, and the flatter tail design makes for a quality slide down the mountain. 

This is a perfect match for those advanced/expert-level riders looking to take it to the next level, push the limits of their skill, and find how good they can be. Who knows, one of the next Olympic medalists could be riding a Capita Equalizer.