Can You Snowboard With a Bib?

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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This is like the question at the dinner table: do you tuck in your napkin along the collar and let it hang like a bib to catch food, or do you place it on the lap should anything fall from the table?

In this case, wearing a bib on the slopes is less embarrassing. In fact, some encourage it. All joking aside, snowboard bibs and pants will be a smart choice when it comes to comfort and health on the slopes.

These pieces of clothing happen to be designed to keep the cold out and the wind from cutting through the fabric and prevent some of the simpler scrapes and cuts when going through more forested areas of the resort.

Smiling woman holding a black snowboard - Can You Snowboard With a Bib?

Why Should You Wear a Bib?

There are going to be a few basic reasons why someone should wear a pair of bib overalls, including keeping the snowboarder warm, free from getting wet and cold, and preventing avoidable scrapes and scratches.

There are also the added benefits of the pockets that can store a cell phone, camera, and GPS, amongst other things.

Then you have the last element that comes with wearing a bib or snow pants, the style that comes with it.

Certain bibs will have you looking like a lumberjack, and others might go with a more colorful display, but in the end, the biggest difference will be the smile on the wearer’s face.


Are Bibs More Comfortable?

Snowpants have been known to have softer exteriors that tear easily and will get caught on backcountry foliage, like tree branches. The bib was designed to be an extra layer of protection that can easily go over the top of someone’s best pair of snow pants.

Like overalls, the bib acts like a barrier that covers and protects the soft snow coat and pants from the elements. Plus, the additional layer provides storage places, which could replace the need for a backpack or the like.


Do Bibs Have Better Quality?

Snowpants have been a staple for all things snow play related, whether a kid is playing in the snow freestyle or participating in a fort-building snowball fight for the ages; the snow pants have provided the warmth needed to keep children healthy.

The only drawback is that the material will absorb water or snowmelt, which then can make the person wearing the snow pants sick.

The bit provides a water-proof layer that will, in effect, eliminate the situation in which a person will get soaked, causing hypothermia or any other number of issues that come with being wet in wintertime.


Can you Use it for Any Type of Weather?

There are similar products to the bib, called overalls. It would be more suitable to wear a pair of these denim-based clothing options in the summertime.

In the other colder season it would make sense to have a bib that can provide a protective layer that is both useful and keeps the wearer warm.

Then you will see that these bibs will be right there with you in any weather situation, keeping you warm and protected. Even in the tightest of spots, where every moment counts, you need to stay out in the cold to ensure things happen.


What are the Cons of Bibs?

Having too many layers can restrict movement and make it more difficult to get around. Add this difficulty in the movement to a snowboarding situation, and it can be easily seen why this would be a bad idea, i.e.Watch out for that tree.

Then you will have warmer winter days. On those days when wearing too many layers, there is the potential of overheating and becoming uncomfortable under too many layers. The bib would then be a hindrance, causing the wearer more trouble than it is worth.

Final Thought on Can you Snowboard with a Bib

Wintertime bibs are a fantastic product when it comes to utility and winter protection, even outside of the winter months and uses. These pieces of clothing will easily fit over the top of a regular set of clothing, even over a set of winter jackets and pants.

Even during the summer, these bibs can act like overalls and be utilized in working situations, including cutting and bucking lumber.

Then in the colder months, with harsher weather, these bibs shine through, providing warmth and protection from the elements when needed.