Can You Replace The Straps On Snowboards?

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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This process is relatively easy for the experienced hand, and there are going to be times when the straps of the bindings become frayed, loose, or terminally damaged. The answer is yes. It is possible to get the straps on snowboards replaced.

The easiest way to do this is to buy a new set of bindings, which have new and never been used straps ready to strap down a rider to their board. Otherwise, options will be available to you to get those straps taken care of and looked at.

Man sitting and holding the bindings of a snowboard - Can You Replace The Straps On Snowboards?

How Can You Do it?

The first step is to get the replacement parts needed to make the fix, and they are going to be placed online to purchase these. The next step is to remove the old binding straps and clean the area in which the straps attach to the binding.

There are different kits, tools, and strap parts that will need to be acquired in order to make this happen. Below we will go over the steps to fix this simple issue, hopefully giving you enough guidelines to complete your own DIY project.


Step by Step Guide for Removing Straps?

The very first step is to identify where the breakage or damage would be and to purchase replacement parts as required. Then, remove any old straps and debris from the area, and clean it with soap and water.

Next, take the new straps and slide them into place, checking to make sure they reach across the boot and provide a snug fit when ratcheted down.

Then add on any stoppers, screws, or other secure point equipment that will be needed to keep the new bindings in place.


What Do You Need Before You Start?

Before you get started, be sure to know what parts are needed and to acquire them. If you look at the strap and the bindings system as a whole, there are going to be some parts that go unseen until they fail.

One of these parts is the anchor pieces that keep the straps attached to the bindings, or in some repair instances, on the boot themselves.

Be sure to have the tools required: normally, a flathead screwdriver, a box cutter, and maybe a small hammer will cover the basic tool needs.


How Long Does it Take?

The repair time will depend on the severity of the damage and what systems parts need to be replaced. For example, this process could start with repairing one strap to find that all of them need to be replaced, which could take longer than a few months to complete.

The actual repair should not take more than a day for the simpler repairs and the more complex repairs will need a discussion on value.

Sometimes the more complex fixes will require a person to spend more on the repairs than it would to purchase a brand-new pair of boots and bindings.


Common Mistakes you Need to Avoid

The most common mistake to avoid is to fix a strap that is not broken. There are going to be instances where a rider will struggle with a binding. Take that as a sign that the strap is broken and proceed to replace it, only to find that there was no damage.

No harm, no foul. Extra straps are always nice but mostly unnecessary to keep around. Another mistake to avoid would be when purchasing new bindings and straps to get one that does not fit the boot size of the snowboarder.

Final Thoughts on Can you Replace the Straps on Snowboards

Like repairing a nice pair of leather boots, it will take either an expert’s skill or a person with savvy know-how and a pinch of DIY confidence. However, in the case of replacing or repairing snowboard bootstraps and bindings, the process will be less complicated.

For the most part, snowboard manufacturing companies producing boots and bindings will have kits for repair and replacement purposes. Making this process all the simpler by providing everything needed in one simple package.

To be forward with your reader, doing a bit of research on the web about the type of boot and binding straps that you ride with will inevitably prove valuable when a repair situation arises.