Can You Put Insoles In Snowboard Boots?

Last Updated on February 9th, 2023

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This is a question that will need to have some context; in one situation, no, you cannot put insoles into a snowboard boot unless you remove the pre-sewn insoles that are part of the boot men manufactured.

Then you will have a decent selection of replacement insoles that come in just as wide varieties of materials.

For instance, there are companies that offer carbon fiber insoles that will be both supportive and lightweight. Others will come with gel inserts similar to Doctor Scholl’s brand, which has helped so many.

Black man wearing sunglasses doing trick on a snowboard - Can You Put Insoles In Snowboard Boots?

Does it Work?

The question is going to be yes. The insoles that can be added will inevitably improve the comfort, support, or many other things for the rider and their feet.

For example, there is a certain insole designed to reduce the impact of landing, an insole for those heavier people, and an insole for chronic knee pain patients.

This is done by the materials of the insole absorbing enough of the impact to divert most of the damaging energy away from the knee and disperse evenly throughout the board. There are even ones with memory foam that will suit the rider’s feet customarily.


Can it Ruin Your Boots?

There is a certain chance that your boots will be damaged in the process of removing and replacing the existing insoles, but if done properly, this should not be a concern.

So, the simple answer is yes, the process can cause lacerations to the inner workings of the snowboarding boot.

The other situation in which a boot can become compromised is when a non-fitting insole is placed inside the boot and then worn during a trip to the resort. The integrity of the boot walls may begin to twist and fail if not addressed immediately after.


Do Insoles Make Boots Tighter?

This is another reason to use insoles, not before mentioned, but can be used to help growing children fit into their boots. To start, the foot must be measured, and then an estimation of how much room needs to be filled by the insole to ensure a more solid fit.

The benefit of using this tactic is that when the child grows, feet included, they will only need to remove the insole to continue using the snowboarding boot into older ages.

In addition, this can save money for other things, like a GoPro camera or a new set of riding goggles to keep the sun and snow away from the eyes.


Should You Size Up If You Use Insoles?

There are some people that have been injured or have flat feet that will require the use of insoles to walk without painful jolts and to grind. If this is the case for a snowboarder, it would be a smart idea to size up to accommodate an insole product’s usage.

Otherwise, there are some higher quality boots that come with memory foam insole options, amongst others, to name one. There might not be the need for prescription insoles in the case that the boot has enough support to not require them.


Will Your Feet Hurt with Insoles?

If your foot is at the bottom of the boot, without insoles or cushioning, there will be painful consequences, such as bruising, blistering, or other forms of skin cracking. In other words, be sure to have an insole at the bottom of your boot, and your feet will thank you.

A simple show metaphor will be this, chucks or converse shoes are made with relatively thin bottoms, which allows the feet to feel stepped on objects, like rocks.

Then, in contrast, you have the Michael Jordan brand shoes that have insoles that make it feel like a wearer is walking on air.

Final Thoughts on Putting Insoles in Snowboard Boots

When chilling on the ski slopes with friends, be sure to know that your boots will be ready beforehand. Taking the extra time to keep your boots in tip-top shape will ensure the best cushion, support, and other benefits that come with a quality insole.

In most cases, there will be no need for an insole, but then you will have to consider the times when an additional layer of cushion would make all the difference.

Or, in a younger person’s life, the difference between their snowboard boots fitting and sliding around on them would be the right-sized insole that fits perfectly.