Can You Butter On Capita Mercury?

Last Updated on February 9th, 2023

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There are going to be some of you that are going to wonder what buttering means, and this is simply the act of doing spins while going downslope. You pull up on the back legs, drive the nose, and spin the board if possible.

All while keeping the bottom side of your board on the snow slopes, but then to answer the CaPiTA mercury question, yes, this board, like many, will provide the snowboarder the ability to have fun while buttering and spinning around.

This article will be a basic tutorial on how to butter on the alpine slopes.

Guy wearing red jacket and black pants snowboarding - Can You Butter On Capita Mercury?

How Should You Do It?

This is simple, in principle. To accomplish this, the snowboarder will need to lift either foot or pull the other around. Of course, this will cause the person to spin and possibly lose balance the first couple of times, but then after a while, you will get the hang of it.

As you begin to feel the snowboard turn, a person will need to catch their balance by driving the planted foot and pivot in order to continue the spin. Once you get these basics down, mastering the butter move will be in short order, and you can continue on to other pursuits.


Where Should You Apply it?

This move will be best used on the gradual slopes and is a fun way to slow yourself down to stay back with the newbies and have a conversation while encouraging them on.

Then there will be times on the top of the mountain where a slight butter move can slow, even change direction if needed quickly.

This trick is not one of those big point-getters like the fourteen-forty but will be entertaining for riders old and new. Similar to a kickflip, the butter can kind of just be done somewhere within the run.


Areas You Need to Avoid?

When snowboarding, there are going to be places that are best avoided at certain levels of skill. For example, beginners will want to stay out of the backcountry, the terrain parks, half-pipes, and upper diamond difficulties.

Intermediates will be on the verge of trying all of those resort features, but they will want to avoid forested areas and some of the larger terrain park jumps and rails.

Then you get to the advanced and professional stages where you can attempt all these but avoid the ice patches; sometimes, those can cause a crash.


How Long Does it Take to Do it?

The trick itself only takes about a few seconds to complete, even performing the move multiple times in a five-ten second interval.

So as far as learning the trick goes, a person will first think about the time it takes to learn to ride a snowboard in the first place, then add on the five to a dozen runs it will take to mess around and complete the trick.

The complete process of learning to ride, the trick to mastering it, could take a few days or, more realistically, a few weeks or months of training.

However, if you have the right coach, the right attitude, and the fortitude to go for it, then it might take a shorter amount of time than you think.


Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The biggest mistake that a snowboard makes is thinking about falling. I have been one of those newbies thinking about not falling.

I had, of course, only a few runs before that thinking wore off, but during those first few runs, I ended up on my butt more times than I can remember.

Another mistake to avoid is to over-rotate. If you pull too hard, you may throw the body into an intense spin that will cause the rider to lose balance. There are going to be some professionals that throw themselves into these spirals as part of a trick.

Final Thoughts on Can You Butter on CaPiTA Mercury

These tricks are going to be some of the easier ones to perform when riding a snowboard. The CaPiTA Mercury is one of those boards that was designed for fun on the mountainside, to which much buttering can be performed.

The trick itself is easy enough to learn, but the skills and confidence that follow are immaculate.

From this simple basic trick, a rider goes on to doing three-sixties off of jumps or ascending out of a halfpipe. All from this simple to perform, easy, having fun, messing around snowboarding trick.