Can A Beginner Ride A Warpig?

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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This will depend on the natural ability and the athletic potential of the person learning and whether or not they can learn quickly, amongst other things.

For example, a surfer or skateboarder might have a slight advantage over a person that has never done anything like snowboarding before.

The Warpig is a quality board from RIDE for the rider that wants to catch those powdery days and push the limits with a board that can handle it.

In other words, the Warpig snowboard is designed for intermediate to advanced riders, not for the beginner or faint at heart.

Man in blue jacket standing on a snowboard - Can A Beginner Ride A Warpig?

What Makes it so Challenging for Beginners?

What makes it so difficult to ride for beginners is the high acceleration design, the fast additions for slicing down the slopes, and the thin-to-wide design to get up on the powder.

This would make it difficult for a learning person because the speed could be overwhelming, and the design was intended for intermediate to advanced riders.

Beginners will want to start with a more standardized board to give them control over which to start experimenting with different types and sizes of snowboards. Best practice before making the jump to a board like the RIDE Warpig.


Do Pros ride a Warpig?

There will be professionals and reviewers that ride the Warpig for reasons beyond competing, and then there are these two.

Everett Pelkey and Mike Leighton are the ones that tested the Warpig and gave one of the most-read reviews about the Warpig on the internet.

Bradon Davis is a young athlete who competes on the wider-than-usual Warpig, an Olympian for the USA team from Redlands, California.

He is one of the up-and-coming talents that will be competing for the United States for years to come and hopefully bringing home the hardware.


How Can You Prepare Yourself for It?

There are going to be certain techniques that will allow a rider to get their bodies accustomed to a wider-than-standard snowboard like the Warpig.

These include placing weight on the boards when using them and, after a while, removing the weights to make the board, in effect, lighter and easier to maneuver.

Then, of course, the easiest way, a more traditional way in a sense, will be to get up to the resort and get some runs in. This will then allow a person to gain experience while getting acquainted with the wider snowboard style.


When is the Ideal Time to Ride a Warpig?

The ideal time to think about getting a new board would be around a year or two, depending on a person’s budget and requirements for self-improvement.


For example, suppose a person is looking for a board that can help them get over the edge, from beginner to intermediate, intermediate to advanced rider.


In that case, this board can help you get there. Even after the first couple for a beginner, this board might be too fast of an option, but the person in the mid to late thirties will be fine with their sleep tonight.


Things You Need to Know Before the Ride

One of the more critical things to know is the weather of an outside recreational area, the rules of those resorts, and the different difficulty levels for each slope.

Another good thing to know would be the basics of snowboarding, for instance, what boots and bindings are and simple stopping techniques.

If you are showing up for a lesson, be prepared to fall and have a sore buttock the next day. Otherwise, know the conditions of the slopes and the weather before venturing into the wilderness-type area.

Final Thoughts on a Beginner Riding a Warpig

The last reason to get a RIDE Warpig would be to experience the comfort and stability of a wider board but still have the performance of the thinner, shorter snowboards.

This board is for the advanced to intermediate skilled extreme athletes that want to push the envelope and complete objectives that other boarders may have missed for the record books.

The thing is that this board is a very quality board, one for that person that has only their first ever snowboard and is ready for a quality second or replacement board. Then you have the collector and multi-board crowd that would benefit much from having a snowboard like this.