Burton Malavita vs. Genesis

Last Updated on March 2nd, 2023

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If you are snowboarding history savvy, then you are aware of Burton Snowboarding Company’s status in the world of extreme sports.

Here we have a pair of bindings that will both live up to the standards of Burton, even as the Malavita has reached the standard that the professionals rely on.

Each pair of bindings being compared in this article is going to be built with a medium response, smack dab in the middle between soft and stiff ratings. However, differences will help a person trying to decide between the two to find what will work better for them.

Man sitting in front of a sign with a snowboard - Burton Malavita vs. Genesis.

Which One has More Quality?

There is not going to be a landslide winner in this case, and the Burton Malavita bindings are the professional’s go-to favorite, year in and year out.

Again, this speaks to the level of quality the bindings were manufactured at, but this is separate from the Genesis model Burton brand binding.

If we go by the Burton and other customer reviews, the Genesis bindings receive a four-point-six-star rating, only to be slightly outdone by the Malavita bindings, which got zero-point-zero-two ratings points more to get a four-point-eight-star rating.

So this is another case of the best casual bindings (Burton Genesis) and the best professional-grade bindings (Burton Malavita).


Which Model is More Popular?

This is going to be just as close to the review ratings between these two, but the difference will come in the consistency in which the professionals and professional grade athletes purchase the Malavita bindings.

Burton Genesis bindings are a quality product, by which the non-competitive professional can get a more cost affordable product than the Malavita.

The Burton Malavita bindings are designed to withstand everything that can be dished out to man and nature.

Riders need not worry about the stresses that come with Olympic, X-Games, and World cup competitions when strapped in with the Malavita-designed bindings.


Pros and Cons: Burton Malavita vs. Genesis

The pro for the Burton Malavita binding is that the reputation precedes itself with these products, which will handle everything that the mountain has in store.

The con will be outside of the holiday season, one hundred or so dollar price; these bindings will cost somewhere in the three hundred dollars range brand new.

Genesis will have a lightweight, softer flex and advanced anatomically designed structure featuring The Channel mount system that delivers quality with ultimate flex, feel, and adjustability.

Similar to the Burton Malavita, the Burton Genesis will have a price tag reaching the mid-three hundred dollars range.


Price Range: Burton Malavita vs. Burton Genesis

A holiday sale is going on as we near the heart of the United States holiday season, which prices the Burton Genesis at around two hundred and eighty-five dollars.

This will typically be in the three hundred and fifty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents range from the manufacturer directly.

The Burton Malavita will have a holiday sale price of around one hundred and sixty dollars when the standard retail price will be three hundred twenty dollars.

The outside winter sports retailers are selling the bindings consistently between the two hundred and three hundred- and seventy-five-dollar range.

Final Verdict: Burton Malavita vs. Genesis

Suppose you’re a racer or snowboard tricks competitor. In that case, the simple answer is to find and pick which binding will make everything all the more accessible when the other professionals are consistently purchasing the troops from the countryside.

Having something fresh and new can recharge a person’s confidence and excitement for life via travel, of all things.

This could mean upgrading those old bindings for one of these two pairs of bindings, which will handle just about all the mountain slopes can dish out.

The Malavita, being the favorite of professionals for years now, has set the standard of excellence and continues to push it upwards year after year.