Burton Custom Camber vs. Flying V

Last Updated on March 2nd, 2023

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The Burton Custom Camber has existed since 1996 and has been synonymous with supremely consistent and time-honored design.

This board model is constantly innovating with new ingredients that create the lightweight, jump-popping board we come to expect from Burton Snowboarding Company.

The Burton Flying V is an All-mountain board that has been given a soft and playful personality, one of the best do-everything, ride-everything styles on the market for intermediate-level riders.

Both of these styles of board help maintain the quality level Burton has built its business.

Old in orange jacket snowboarding - Burton Custom Camber vs. Flying V.

Which One has More Quality?

This is going to be a close decision, and there are going to be plenty of things to be happy about when it comes to either of the snowboards from Burton. Flying V is the everything-and-go-anywhere board that even the pros go to for their fun-seeking adventures.

Nothing compares to the Custom Camber, the most trusted board on the Burton Snowboarding Company’s shelf.

The board offers an upgrade to the Flying V’s to do everything by doing it better; there is no wonder why there has been a cult following for this snowboard since 1996.


Which Model is More Popular?

This, without a doubt, is going to the Burton Custom Camber model snowboard, one of the most popular boards of all time. There is such a large following that the industry has caused this snowboard model to form a cult following of loyal brand members.

There are going to be the casual, intermediate, ‘casual professional’ trips that will require a soundboard, like the Flying V, and not require the four times as expensive Custom Camber.

In time, the numbers will level out, but since nailing the snowboarding formula for the Custom Camber style board, Burton has only consistently continued to produce this line.


Pros and Cons: Burton Custom Camber vs. Flying V

The largest con for the Burton Custom Camber is the over six-hundred-dollar price tag that comes with the newest boards to come out, which is over budget for most budgets.

On the other hand, if you can afford this board, it will be able to handle absolutely everything that a rider expects, and the slopes can dish out. The pro for Flying V is that a snowboarder can get a similar quality board at a lower price tag for nearly a quarter of the price.

The con with the Flying V is that there will be some landscapes that will underperform but not let you down. In addition, the design differs from the legendary Custom Camber, making the Flying V seem a lesser board.


Price Range: Burton Custom Camber vs. Flying V

The Burton Custom Camber is going to be vastly more expensive than the Flying V; the 2023 Burton Custom Camber Snowboard is currently retailing at Six hundred and fifty plus dollars but has yet to disappoint any that own this model.

On the other hand, the Burton Flying V is a more reasonable price, especially the holiday season pricing of two hundred dollars, by which the standard retail price can be closer to five hundred dollars.

The price tags tell the story of two highly well-crafted snowboard designs that deliver the best a board can offer a rider.

Final Verdict: Burton Custom Camber vs. Flying V

The tough part is going to be deciding if you want to spend the extra two hundred to upgrade to the legendary and iconic Burton Custom Camber or save the two hundred or so dollars and purchase some road gear to go along with the ample Burton Flying V Model Snowboard.

If you have a younger rider beginning to compete at a high school amateur level, consider the Flying V to start.

When Olympic or X-Game level invites come rolling in, consider going with the Burton Custom Camber. Even a pro looking for a causal board might consider the Flying V for a change of pace.