Best Snowboarding Songs 2022

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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Everyone wants a soundtrack to their life, something that matches their mood and makes them feel like they’re in a movie. And we all know snowboarding scenes in films look badass, so why not make your next outing feel like how it looks on TV?

It will certainly keep your psyche high out on the slopes and keep you trying hard to the bottom.

Aside from it being cool, music can enhance your rhythm on the board. Listening to music that flows as well as you ride down the mountain. Keeping you both calm and steady, but also hyped as heck.

So before you head out for your next movie moment out on the slopes, check out some of my snowboarding music recommendations.

Man in blue jacket and red goggles snowboarding - Best Snowboarding Songs 2022

What Are the Best Snowboarding Songs in 2022?

Below are some of the best songs to emerge in 2022 that we think will help you shred the slopes:


  1. Supermodel – Maneskin. Aside from it being an entry in the Eurovision song contest, this is surprisingly a truly superb soft rock song.
  2. Wild Child – The Black Keys. Funky guitar, twangs of country, and a good backbeat. A definite ‘add’ to the playlist.
  3. Black Summer – Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I know, I didn’t know they were still making music either! But this song is a good, semi-chill mood setter, with its classic and recognizable drum and guitar backing.
  4. Starlight – Dave. If you enjoy rap, this tune inspired by Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon has a good beat to ride to.
  5. My Love – Florence + The Machine. If you like a strong voice and the odd bit of belting, this song will satisfy your cravings and will get anyone amped up.


What Are the All-Time Best Snowboarding Songs?

We all love a classic. Picturing ourselves riding hard, listening to the same music our parents and grandparents would have listened to, but wearing funky patterned jumpsuits and preaching peace and love.

Okay, well, not all of these songs are from the 60s, but you get the idea.

Here are some snowboarding tunes that have stood the test of time:


  1. Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley and the Wailers. A total classic that reflects the free, joyful nature of the sport. Even if you have a bad run, this tune will send you smiling and singing along.
  2. Thunderstruck – AC/DC. A different vibe for sure, but a good one. If you need a little grit and a grunt, it’ll put you in the right mood to push on.
  3. Cowboy Song – Thin Lizzy. Another rock number, but a goodie. Just the right amount of guitar rip and some chill melodic singing to get you hyped.
  4. Ramble on – Led Zeppelin. This one will make you feel badass, even if you’re on the baby slopes.
  5. Get Free – Major Lazer. If you’re looking for something to give you rhythm, the simple beat of this song will mellow you out and help you ride super smoothly.


What Songs do You Have to Add to Your Snowboarding Playlist?

Ultimately, if you want to listen to music out on the board, you’re trying to get motivated and psyched to ride hard and feel cool. These songs will give anyone the run of their life:


  1. Lose Yourself – Eminem. A total classic with a slow build that’ll match your speed as you gain momentum. Then he lets rip and spits lines faster than you can board. But it will certainly make you try to keep up!
  2. Kids – MGMT. A pop song filled with nostalgia for so many people and just total joy. A total mood lightener.
  3. Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix. A very cool guy, for a very cool sport. A classic piece of guitar work that’ll make you feel like you’re fresh out of the 60s.


How Do You Make the Best Snowboarding Playlist?

Snowboarding is all about pushing your abilities and having fun. Therefore, I feel like songs with a bit of grit make me feel my best. Not that there’s anything wrong with preferring a bit of light, cheery pop music. Knock yourself out if that’s what matches your mood.

When creating your perfect snowboarding playlist, bare in mind the following, and you’ll be bound to have a successful curation:


  • Think about the different vibes you want to create. Not all songs need to be hardcore drum and base to get your heart racing.
  • Consider the kind of riding you’re doing. Are you going off-piste for some forestry exploration? Are you going to the park to try out some tricky moves?
  • Memories. These songs will forever remind you of your time on the mountain, so think about what timeless tunes you want to be tied to your adventures.


What Are Last Year’s Most Popular Snowboarding Songs?


A few bangers came out of 2021 that still feature heavily in current playlists. Here are a few of my favorites for snowboarding:


  1. Blinding Lights – the Weeknd. Ultimately, it’s a pop song, but one that’ll make you want to sing out loud. Who doesn’t love that?
  2. Heat Waves – Glass Animals. This one does that if you want to be introspective on the slopes. But cheerfully! Overall, just a super satisfying, chill song to listen to.
  3. Only Love Can Save Me Now – The Pretty Reckless. A pop-rock anthem even old-school rock fans are into. It’s so good it would help you grit your teeth and ride through the rain if you have to.

Final Thoughts on the Best Snowboarding Songs

Snow, snowboarding, and songs, it’s a trio that rivals pancakes, bacon, and maple syrup. An iconic combination anyone would be lucky to experience. So if you’re lucky enough to get some snowy slope time with headphones on, don’t screw it up.

Boarding with music can be dangerous. You have to be mindful of your surroundings on the slope and maybe even hit pause if it’s a little congested.

But as long as you are taking necessary safety measures, there’s no reason you shouldn’t shred the slopes whilst Jimi Hendrix shreds the guitar.

So, if you are looking to start your own playlist, make sure to include a few different styles. Songs that are more mellow and melodic that you can gracefully carve away to.

Plus some old-school tunes that make you feel like a dirtbag who just lives for those 2 weeks of snowboarding every year. And, of course, add your own personal favorites that remind you of good memories and just fill you with joy. And just enjoy.