Best Bindings for Lib Tech Orca

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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If you’re investing in a snowboard setup, each of the three components is equally important. Board, boots, and bindings. 

The bindings are how you connect to your board. They act like the delivery driver on the slopes, taking your energy and transferring it to the board. So, your precious energy and skill will be lost if they don’t do their job well. 

There are a bunch of options out there, from low-cost to lavish. Unfortunately, bindings aren’t something you want to replace every season or break when you’re out on the mountain. This article will help you figure out which bindings are the best for you.

Men snowboarding - Best Bindings for Lib Tech Orca

How Do You Pick the Best Binding?

Do your research! You’ve found this page, so you’re doing great so far. Hopefully, you’ve also done your homework out on the board and understand your riding style and ability level. 

Here are some things you need to consider when looking for your next set of bindings:



It’s essential the bindings fit your boot, so check out the manufacturer’s size chart, grab your boots, and measure up. They must fit snugly but not restrict movement. 


Style of riding and what kind of bindings are compatible


  • All-mountain (soft-medium). Best all-rounders for those who ride on a variety of terrain. 
  • Freestyle (soft bindings). Best for snow park boarding, for doing jumps, tricks, and spins.
  • Freeride and split board (stiff). Best for ‘off-piste’ ventures. 
  • Powder (stiff). Stiff bindings and a longer board allow the rider to glide across deep powder snow. 


Your ability level

Beginners and freestylers are better suited to bindings with flexible, short highbacks for a more comfortable ride. Advanced riders and freeriders usually favor tall, stiff bindings that allow for greater control at high speed.


What Do You Need to Know Before You Buy New Bindings?

It’s an investment. If you go cheap, you’ll get cheap. So don’t scrimp now if you’re serious about snowboarding enough to have bought a Lib Tech Orca board. 

Bindings will absorb vibrations, help you turn smoother, distribute your power, and, most importantly, keep you attached to your board!

There are a few more technical elements to consider when choosing your bindings:


Strap type:


  • Most are standard strap bindings that ratchet down to secure your boot. These are popular and common choices, but they mean you must manually buckle and unbuckle them. This can be uncomfortable and time-consuming when in freezing conditions out on the slopes.
  • Speed-entry bindings. As you might assume, these allow for quick boot removal. However, they can be a little heavier than your standard strap.




  • Higher-end bindings will provide cushioning to allow the rider to have softer landings. It’ll feel more comfortable and will be kinder on your knees.


Highback material:


  • Carbon is the lightest, most responsive material for the highbacks. Other companies will opt for urethane, which is more flexible and dampens vibrations. Both have merits. It depends on your preference. 


What Bindings Go the Best With Lib Tech Orca?

You’ve considered your boot size, your riding style, and your ability, and now you need to consider your board type. Lib Tech Orca is a great board, but certain ride styles and ability levels will be more compatible with it.

The Lib Tech Orca board specifications are as follows:


  • Short and wide board, best suited for freeriding and powder.
  • Best suited to advanced and expert riders.
  • Medium to stiff, at 7.5/10.


Most bindings will work with the board, but the specific type is down to your needs. All of this to say- I can’t tell you which bindings work for you. 

However, using all the information I’ve provided, you can now make an informed decision on which bindings you and your board are compatible with.


When is the Best Time to Buy Bindings?

It depends on whether the price or getting the perfect pair of bindings is your priority. From October to January, I would recommend you hold fire. This is when people will panic buy before the season, prices will be highest, and stock will be plentiful. 

Around February, some sales will start to pop up, and stock levels will still be high. The longer you wait past February, the larger the discount will be, with up to 80% savings during the summer months. 

However, you should bear in mind that stock levels will diminish, and the pair you had in mind might sell out. So it depends on whether you really want to bag a pair at a rock-bottom price or whether you want a specific pair.


Where Should You Shop for Bindings for Lib Tech Orca?

If you live near a snowboard gear store, going in to try on boots and bindings is always the best course of action. You can get advice from the staff and get a feel for what is right for you.  

But don’t fear if you don’t have access to a store. There are advantages to online shopping. Although you can’t try anything on, most places have easy return policies, but check the policy for each website before placing an order. 

Online shopping means you can directly compare the best prices. Additionally, retailers will usually upload detailed specifications on their websites, so you don’t need to rely on the knowledge of a shop assistant who might be new to the industry! 

Finals Thoughts on Best Bindings for Lib Tech Orca

There’s a lot to think about when curating your board setup, but you will thank yourself for years to come by doing your research now. Make sure you establish your riding style, consider your ability level and measure your bindings to fit your boots and board. 

Snowboarding is an awesome way to spend the day or the week, so investing in the best setup that will suit you will only make it more enjoyable. 

On the other hand, Ill-fitting will seriously affect how you perform out on the snow. And nobody likes being the last one to the bottom of the hill. 

So shop around, use the information in this post, and take your time when choosing your perfect setup. And most importantly, have an awesome next ride.