Best Bindings for Capita Mercury

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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Capita Mercury is a snowboard manufacturer that can show up and rip it. The company is based in Austria, where most manufacturing occurs, and has been through the rigors of the High Alps.

As far as bindings go, there will be a few brands at the top of the list, and for convenience purposes, below are named:


  • Salmon – for the best overall
  • Burton – for ultimate comfort
  • Stauber – recommended by customer service
  • Crew – The innovation of their Step-on bindings is worth a look
  • Chamonix – This combo will have the best shock absorption.


How Do You Pick the Best Ones for Yourself?

Now, this can be a fun process; as mentioned before, different combinations will give a rider the ability to fine-tune their snowboard. A few things to remember: what will you do on your trip to the resort?

If you are a tricks or terrain park rider, find bindings that allow you to flex, turn quickly, and explode out of the jumps. If you are going backcountry, a binding of solid construction with extra stability designed into the bindings will fit the bill.

Multiple people skiing and snowboarding - Best Bindings for Capita Mercury

Which Bindings are the Most Popular?

If you are Snowboard industry savvy, you will recognize the OG company Burton Snowboarding Company. This brand is by far the most popular in the world, without question, and has the product variety to back it up.

And to that point, Burton has released a variety of binding options to satisfy all snowboarding appetites.

So whether you are looking into the new innovative Step-on clip-in binding technology or happy with the old fashion yet perfectly functional ratchet strap bindings, you can do worse than select a Burton product.

One company that has gotten some attention, even from the Burton folks, is Clew bindings from Germany; check them out.


How Much Should You Pay for It?

As was mentioned earlier, Burton snowboarding has a wide variety of bindings that will range between one hundred and seventy-five dollars and upwards of four hundred and forty dollars for the new Step On bindings.

There are other options available, and a Salmon binding system will also range similar to Burton, with prices in the range of one hundred and twenty-five dollars to upwards of five hundred dollars.

Two of the more prominent extreme sports manufacturers whose prices reflect the market as a whole, as far as pricing is concerned. A Clew Step On clip system will cost about four hundred and fifty dollars, with a second base binding at approximately two hundred dollars.


Where Should You Buy it?

CAPiTA Snowboard, like the Mercury, if not directly bought from the manufacturer, presents a chance to speak with an expert or professional rider about which bindings they would recommend.

There is always something positive about getting advice from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Otherwise, a boatload of reviews will help you discover the best bindings for the type of snowboard riding you prefer. Then if you have the time, and do not mind being on hold for a minute, consider calling CAPiTA customer service to get an opinion from the company itself.


Bindings you Shouldn’t Buy

Rule of thumb, if the bindings are loose or come loose during slope time, you should not have bought them.

In other words, keep in mind the size of your board and avoid any bindings that will be too long, too short, or incompatible with your CAPiTA Mercury or another snowboard.

Just for the sake of argument, one company that has been labeled as a fallen company could be the company named Morrow, which has unfortunately gained a reputation for producing poor quality everything.

Having the expertise of a professional will always come in handy. To get an in-depth explanation of which bindings to avoid and to use, contact CAPiTA snowboarding and ask.

Final Thoughts on Best Bindings for Capita Mercury

Snowboarding has taken hold of the extreme sports world and given it high intensity, adrenaline-pumping action, and entertainment venues that would blow away dull realities. CAPiTA has created something special with its Mercury snowboard.

It could win you a competition or two if fitted with high-performance bindings. When looking into bindings, think about how the technology has just hit an evolutionary point with the Step On clip in technology that has been flooding the market.

Naturally, a big company like Burton will have this option, but if you are one that relies on solid manufacturing, consider looking at Clew Snowboard bindings out of Germany.