Are Stiff Or Soft Bindings Better?

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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There is going to be a reason for both on the mountain, and each will give a snowboarder a different capability when hitting the slopes. Stiff will help keep a rider on the more responsive end of turning when using the body, holding the person locked in at all times.

The softer binding will provide a better terrain park and jumps experience giving when upon landing and having the flex needed to perform the higher difficulty tricks.

In other words, stiffer bindings are better for freeride and powder days, while soft bindings are for the half-pipe and big air jumps.

What is the Difference?

The difference, as mentioned earlier, will be the type of riding being done on any particular day. For example, a stiff binding will be for powder days requiring more stable body-oriented turning and backcountry terrain for a more stable ride.

The soft bindings will be for the riders looking to perform tricks and get some massive air off the jumps.

These trick board riders will be hitting the half-pipes and messing around in the terrain parks with softer bindings to provide the flexibility required to make some more complicated tricks possible.


Which Ones are More Popular?

This will be a tricky question to frame – the more popular option amongst the Olympic and X-Games professionals will undoubtedly be the softer bindings. The stiffer bindings will be for timed events and casual snowboarders.

Softer bindings are for the rider looking to bust a big trick or catch big air, and most of the events involving a snowboard will require some form of jump or trick performed. The Stiff bindings make up ground with the casual rider and powder day people market.


Is the Price the Same?

The prices will vary little between the two forms of bindings, and this is because most differences are minute compared to brand name differences.

The Burton brand bindings are just one example of a more prominent named company that will get more revenue for their equipment than most other companies.

In general, these two stiff and soft bindings products will have very similar price tags. They will vary little regarding the other brands that manufacture bindings or boots.


How Can You Tell Which ones you Need?

The best way to tell is to take into account the snowboarder’s abilities and what sort of mountain terrains they like to ride on.

After that assessment, the rider will know to get soft bindings for the jumps, rails, half-pipes, and terrain park in order to get the most out of each run, each attempt.

Then, if not for the tricks but for the ride, stiff bindings will be designed to strap the rider in and allow for more responsive turning.

Stiff bindings will be good for those looking to cut through powder, weave through the trees, and avoid dangerous obstacles while bombing it down the course.


How to Tell if Your Bindings Don’t Fit You?

It will be simple to check if they are not clicking in or if the boot toes are reaching over the board’s edge; the bindings are too small. If the boots click in, but then you are confronted by an overabundance of toe space on the snowboard, the bindings are too small.

Then, of course, you must check and measure the size of your snowboard to ensure it will fit on the board itself.

Then you must measure the boot size of the person going to be using this snowboard on the slopes and check their foot size with the binding size to have a good fit.

Final Thoughts on Are Stiff or Soft bindings Better

There is little to understand when it comes to choosing which to use when it comes to having a soft or stiff binding for your snowboard. Suppose you are going for the casual ride, the powder day, or even going as fast as possible, racing the clock.

In that case, the stiffer bindings will help you perform better. Then if you are a rider that likes to hit the jumps and make a massive statement, move to the mad applause from the crowd.

By all means, get the softer bindings designed for the Olympians and X-Games professionals.