Arbor Annex Review

Last Updated on December 20th, 2022

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The Arbor Annex snowboard is a big mountain beast. It is strong and sturdy, with its solid base for stability. It will allow you to shred right through bumpy terrain, through lines that have been ridden thousand times without getting caught up.


What are the Best Features?

This board is stiff with a flex rating of 8/10 to power through any terrain that you are presented with. Despite its rigidity, the Arbor Annex still has excellent turn initiation for sharp carving.

While graphics aren’t a top priority, this snowboard has stunning, eye-catching artwork on both the top and bottom. Bryan Iguchi is the artist who is in collaboration with this board, and it’s evident that a true artist was behind these graphics!

Style points count! This board is all-around ideal for absolutely bombing the mountain. Its drastic edges help with control and keep you grounded at top speeds. You’ll be flying past everyone and having a great time doing it!

While the Annex is not specifically designed for park riding, it is versatile enough to perform excellently on jumps and jibs as well. This board will exceed expectations if you are a big mountain rider who loves to go fast and shred all day.

Technical Features:


  • System Camber: elongated nose, tapered outline
  • Five-Star ratings on big mountain, powder, and resort
  • Double barrel core constructed from paulownia and poplar
  • Grip-Tech: heel and toe contact points for added edge control
  • Sintered Base: dense material for hitting high speeds.


Does it Have Good Quality?

Arbor has been making top-of-line snowboards for years now, and its technology speaks for itself. Looking to make the fastest, the most controlled board is evident in the release of the Arbor Annex.

Arbor makes boards for a variety of different snowboard styles because they are able to hone their construction to make highly specified boards.

Due to their prominence in the snowboarding world, their quality is proven through their excellent reputation and sustainable construction.

Person in checked shirt wearing blue helmet on show - Arbor Annex Review

Is it Good for Beginners?

Plainly stated, this board is not ideal for beginners. While it is fairly forgiving in terms of a specialized board, it is not mild in terms of its rigidity and stiffness. A beginner will want to choose a board that has a low flex rating.

This means that the board is easier to move and manipulate at slower speeds in order to learn technique and hone your skills. A beginner would get extremely frustrated with a board like the Arbor Annex because of its stiffness and difficulty maneuvering.

An advanced rider will have the strength and technique to control a board like this, and a softer board will not hold up well at high speeds and rough terrain.

This board is aggressive and meant for sharp carving and high speeds, which are qualities a beginner will not be looking for.


How Much Does it Weigh?

The official website says the exact technical measurements are not listed, as each board will vary slightly. Although this board is stiff and sturdy, the new technological advancements allow it to compromise with a lightweight design.

The weight changes somewhat depending on the size of the board, which is offered in sizes ranging from 152-163 cm long. The weight of the snowboard ranges as well but comes in weighing under 10 lbs. Of course, the board weighs a bit extra with bindings incorporated.


What’s the Price of it?

This board is priced at $699. Although its price point seems high, you are paying for quality. You get what you pay for when it comes to this board, and what you are paying for is a beast of a snowboard, ready for an all-mountain expedition.

Due to its highly specific ride style and technology, the price is reflected by its quality. You can purchase this snowboard on the official website (, but beware, the price is not listed until you are ready to check out.

Final Thoughts on Arbor Annex

This high-performance big mountain board will exceed expectations in a variety of conditions. Its stability and consistency give you the confidence to hit top speeds and explore the backcountry powder just as easily as the groomed resort trails.

An aggressive rider who wants to bomb hills will be overjoyed with the rigidity of this board’s capabilities.

However, those who want a more versatile board or one that is beginner friendly should not purchase this board, as it is very specifically designed for a big mountain-style rider. If that is you, your expectations will be exceeded, and you will not regret this purchase.

In addition, the striking graphics will ensure that you’re not only the fastest snowboarder on the mountain but also the coolest looking.