Anon M3 vs. M4

Last Updated on March 2nd, 2023

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Having vision on the slopes is excellent for a casual rider but makes all the difference for a professional, Olympian, or X-Games participant. Burton Snowboarding Company owns the rights to the Anon goggles, but this was only sometimes the case.

The company has been making the m-series Anon model goggles for over two decades, first for the Smith Optics factory and now for the Burton Factory.

The most significant difference between the M3 and M4 models is the lens; the M3 goggles have a cylindrical lens, while the M4 has a cylindrical design and a toric lens option.

Man wearing snowboarding helmet with a snowboard in hand - Anon M3 vs. M4.

Which One has More Quality?

There is not much of a drop-off in quality when you are choosing between the M3 and M4 model goggles, and the difference is more in the lens design. The lens is why the M4 will be more expensive because of construction changes, and it comes with an MFI mask included.

Another reason for taking the M4 in the better-quality category is the savvy upgrade options and the comfort for even those with more prominent faces. Not to mention the no fog lens, goggles, and mask setup makes the M4 an easy winner for more quality.


Which Model is More Popular?

The introduction time between the M3 and M4 has been so brief that the sales numbers have easily swayed closer to the M4’s favor, but with family budgets being the way that they are, the M3 remains a more popular option now.

As far as which is more popular with professional athletes, there is going to be no doubt that the Olympians and other competitors prefer the M4 designs.

It is hard to turn down the incredible technological upgrade when it comes to the changes from the M3 goggles to the M4 goggles.


Pros and Cons: Anon M3 vs. M4

The overwhelming pro in this situation comparison would be the lower prices for the Anon M3 goggles, which any budget can accommodate. The con will be the lower technological features that come with the upgraded M4 series lenses and structural material.

The con for the Burton Anon M4 is the expensive price tag when purchasing a brand-new pair; even though the goggles are worth the price, it is steep for most lower-budgeting folks.

The pros for these goggles will be the anti-fogging technology, the high-quality lenses, and the new edge materials that go into the mask.


Price Range: Anon M3 vs. M4

A single lens for the Burton Anon M4 goggles will cost around one hundred and forty dollars, which is the overall cost for an Anon M3 goggles set. Therefore, the uppermost cost for an Anon M4 set of goggles would be around three hundred and fifteen plus dollars.

As you can see, there was a massive jump in technology concerning the goggle lenses between the M3 and M4 models.

By no means are the Anon M3 goggles a cheap pair of goggles. They are well made. It just so happens that new technology was developed, leaving the older Anon M3 in the past.

Final Thoughts on Anon M3 vs. M4

There will be a massive difference between the Anon M3 and the Anon M4 goggles, most of which concern lens technology. However, if you need a good pair of goggles for the kids or for a casual snowboarder, the Burton Anon M3 goggles are still a choice product.

If you have another two hundred dollars to invest on top of the original one hundred dollars, which will get you the top-of-the-line goggles, upgrade to the M4 model goggle.

There is no lack of brilliant new features that come with the Anon M4, including anti-fogging lenses – a mask system.